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Started by Zestro, Jan 21, 2008, 09:39 PM

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Well I posted a review but did not have nearly enough room to write my thoughts. The first few minutes of joining this server I was immediately picked on by one individual and our feud continued till I left, and when I informed the GM's of this I was assurred it would be "dealt with" Nothing really happened even when I screen shotted him priding himself in running a good friend and a donor of the server off the wRO server.

The PVP is dominated by donors, does not matter how well you play, a mediocre player with donations can in all probability kill you. Not only this but the server owner also sells MVP cards that are not even available to the people who can't donate, and also MVP cards that are droppable as well as questable items. This is nothing more than a way to make money in my own view. I did donate on the 3rd day I was here and had enough gear to be a force to be reckoned with, but once I saw how badly overmatched a non-donor was.... it just wasn't right.

As for custom items, nothing ever gets done in that area. I was part of what they call the QHC (Questable headgear committee I believe) for maybe a week or so before I quit the server. The QHC was in charge of scripting new quests and wings for the server. Maybe things got done before I joined, but for the month or so that I was in this server, nothing was done even though there were numerous scripts written by volunteers, a senior QHC told me nothing could be done until a GM with power actually uploaded the scripts and got them item codes and some other list of things... the problem was nothing ever happened with the GM's.

A few other recent events made alot of players quit this server where a guild just spawn camped 2-3 people without any donation gear and kept killing them over and over. This is pretty much the sort of people that play here, taking advantage of the others who do not know how to play. After this drama unfolded the head GM Howl said he was embarrassed and horrified at how the players were acting.

To soften the blow, the GM's themselves are cool people... most of them. GM Howl and GM Pants are extremely laid back but they enforce the rules to the dot. So far as I know there are no corrupt GM's. When I had a problem spawning Thanatos GM howl helped me and even reset the database to see if it was just a problem with my character... after that I was able to hunt thanatos. GM Avenger is an awesome scripter and a good guy to talk to. However some GM's do almost nothing and just sit in town talking of their own personal issues all day... which gets slightly irritating. The server owner is hardly on and does not seem to care much unless someone donated money to the server, and he'll sell anything anyone wants if the price is right. Some MVP cards were not even available and he sold them before they were implemented correctly.

All in all if it wasn't for the fact that i had 3 good friends with  the server I would have left after the first hour of joining it. I came away with 2 new friends... that's about the only thing I don't regret about joining this server. Otherwise, it was nothing more than one headache after another.