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Started by Sukya, Nov 24, 2007, 03:04 PM

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I play on PokeRo for like 1 Month now.
It's a realy new server who needs a lot to fix and add.
I saw and reportet some bugs but all thje  people were happy to hear someone report bugs and fixed or put it on the fix list for the new exe.

The GM's are friendly and very fair. Never saw one of the 4 being corrupt or unfriendly.
They do nice and cool events , are lovly,helpfull and realy often online.
They always name new ppl welcome, ask for questions and help out if something happens.

Same for the small but active community.
I had realy much fun specially last days and we all are happy to see that the server seems to grow.

They got a nice board and a cool board system what can u bring ig stuff,too.
I'm really happy to see that there are no donations and they dont plan to bring dontations ,too.

The server location is sweden and i seriously never had a lag from server side.

so all i can say is:
pokero is a small,still grwoing ,international server.
they still need to work much on it, but they are fun,lovly,active and nice.
I enjoy being there


I was on poke about a week back. I would agree with a majority of what is said in the above post with probably a few additions/changes. Sure, everyone is friendly and all but there is this level of immaturity that is beamed out by the GM staff (actually, im referring to one particular GM) and there is also the main problem of class balance. I personally, look more for fun and events rather than pvp (which is dominated by sinXs spamming soul breaker or creators flinching u with acid demo - there is no forced time gap between casts) and i sadly, did not see a single event in the 3 days i spent there. Furthermore, there has been a recent surge in the number of characters who have started berrying in battle (which is in no way wrong or illegal but in my personal opinion spoils the game if u have a virtually infinite supply of yggs). After some GM help, we found out that a particular character had over 2k yggs after having been on the server for a mere day. Bots? Maybe. Although this was brought to the notice of the head GM, not much was done and my friends and I eventually got bugged with the champs going 'MY ASARA PWN U ALL NABS. IM BERRY KING'

Of course you are. The server's all yours bro, we're out.

But dont just jump to a conclusion. I wont say i didnt have a fun time on the server. The community (minus the PROs) is quite friendly and helpful. I dont remember any lag nor any server downtime or 'unable to connect' s. However, the imbalance between classes is rather upsetting as anyone with a high vit is brutalized by the thana-soul breaks or the acid demos. Spamming has no limit whatsoever. Its a decent server overall, as long as you dont do pvp.

Rating - 3/5 (i would give it 4.5 if it wasnt for the miserable pvp experience)
Posted on: Dec 28, 2007, 05:12 am
And Sukya...arent u GM Yukiri? :P
You know, its kinda weird if you tell us that you found the GMs helpful and everything...I know they are but it just sounds weird coming from a GM :)
Boo. Scared yet? o_o


Well crap has got a point. GMs arent really the people who shud give reviews on their server and yeah u r GM Yukiri and ur "legit" wiz is called sukya in game.


Whether or not she is a gm doesn't matter, she is putting her views about the server up here.
Overall, it sounds good, just needs that tidying up most servers need.


However, it would be a good thing to know that she/he is a GM. At least some people around here would like to know what source the information is from. And yes, the fact that she/he is a GM does matter; you're incorrect. That does not, however, falsify her/his "review".