Tales Of Asgard

Started by Franpowah, Jan 21, 2008, 03:13 PM

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Quote1/1/1 | Identical to iRO | Unique kind of server in Europe (and one of the rare in the world !) | International community (France, Chile, Canada, Belgium, ...) | Diversified, nice and welded community | Active and effective staff | Server updated every 24h | Friendly atmosphere | WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU !! |

Well i started playing here about 2 months ago so these are my opinions:

Stability 5:Lag peaks and a recent massive NPC dissapearance lowered this.

Availability 6: Normal update downtime, some closing due to admin personal use of the server lowered this.

Friendliness 4: Well... most of the people are french and don't speak good enlish/spanish, and most of the times i feel ignored cuz i dont speak french either... hard to comunicate.

Eventfulness 3: On the month i've been there i've participated in one event, a christmas event was cancelled due to an npc issue and a novice pvp was cancelled due to lack of people.

GM Friendliness 10: Very polite and nice, they speak moderate english tho.

GM Availability 8: They're not all time available but still you can see em. Admin very active, GM's not so much.

GM Helpfulness 4: A recent issue lowered this a lot, on an update most npcs were screwed or dissapeared. Admin couldn't solve it, nor revert the changes.

Economy 5: Has been a month and no good market yet, time will solve this i guess.

Guild competition 1: No WoE yet, only 2 guilds, one formed about 3 weeks ago and one a few days ago.

Class balance 9: No custom crap, thats good.