Started by Znic, Jul 29, 2008, 02:16 AM

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At first, it was kinda... Yeah ok... normal high rate server. But no, after a few days of playing. It just gets more awesomer, i do remind you that this is a pvp server, meaning anyone can kill anyone in certain times, as long as you have the right items at the same time. Only downside on this server is, i kinda think Gunslingers are overpowered they do 999k Desperado hits and it will just annoy you(even though you have 2M HP). But yeah, if you like PVP alot, challenging PVP, the one where you need to change ur armor, weapon,garments accesories everytime you try to kill someone, you should try this server.

PM me IGN: All the characters that has Zee in it.

Check them out here:

A MUST TRY ATLEAST.(For pvp people)

WARNING: DO not join if you are a noob.(Unless you're willing to learn by defeat, but i'll help ya if you PM me ingame)