Guidelines for posting reviews

Started by Rbread, May 24, 2007, 04:00 PM

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For those who wish to write a review, we're not going to limit your ranting abilities.  However, we would to impose a few guidelines to ensure that we have the cleanest and non-offensive topics.

All reviews as advertisements in disguise will be deleted. 

Please be sure to include actual content instead of saying "I like it, go play now!".  Also, all reviews that are deemed too short by moderators will be deleted without prior notice.  Your review should be longer than the main site review's allowed character limit (500 chars), otherwise you can simply post your review on the main site for the corresponding server (when applicable).

  • When writing reviews, please try to keep factors fair.  Do not involve personal feelings into your reviews.  We don't want read topics about the admin's dog being ugly.  Keep it straight forward and understandable.
  • You may post a link to the RMS listing but do not post links that lead directly to your site.  It may sound silly but we're working hard to prevent needless spam.  There is an advertisement forum just for ads.  Do not advertise in this section of the forum.
  • Try to keep debates off of review topics.  The only time a debate is allowed is to challenge a false FACT.  Facts being things that are provable to non-players.
  • Flaming and Trolling are big no-no's.  Don't post in these topics if you have an urge to just annoy people.

If you feel that I've left out anything important, please let me know.