Stricter rules for Server Reviews

Started by Relics, May 26, 2010, 03:25 PM

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I've noticed a lot of flaming, derail attempts and overall misbehavior in this section. This is mainly due to the fact that people do not respond well to criticism.
Let me warn you beforehand, if you feel like posting here criticism on your review might just be posted.
Now that you know this, I don't want any excuses that your thread is being 'overhauled' by people who are just voicing their opinion and you want it cleaned.
Learn to deal with criticism or don't make a thread here

With that said, an equivalent statement can be made towards the people that reply here.
The Guidelines for the Server Review section clearly point these out:
   * Try to keep debates off of review topics.  The only time a debate is allowed is to challenge a false FACT.  Facts being things that are provable to non-players.
   * Flaming and Trolling are big no-no's.  Don't post in these topics if you have an urge to just annoy people.

The criticism you post must be constructive if I ever notice you, on an average, like to derail threads and post flamebaiting messages (trolling, etc) you will be warned, or possibly muted depending on how severe the case. I don't like to be a babysitter, but ~30% of the threads tend to go to the Soap Opera simply because the thread was being derailed, or hijacked.