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« on: Jan 16, 2009, 06:18 pm »
Stability: 10
The server is quite stable, never crashes or freezes.

Availability: 9
The server gets taken down for like 30 mins every once in awhile, but not to often

Friendliness: 7
Average server for friendliness, you have the awsome andnice people but then there are a****** to. (unavoidable wherever you go i guess)

Eventfulness: 5
A lot of events were held in christmas(to many >: ) and now they are well, less frequent.

Game Masters
Friendliness: 8
Not really much to say here, dawns friendly along with all the other GM's, but i have to say ive argued with jobbie >:

Availability: 5 - Changes a lot :O
I see dawn for like an hour each day or so, and at woe, rarely see any other GM's... A quote from the forums pretty much summarizes it:
I know 2 languages and know how to be inactive, can I be GM?
I see dawn quite often, jobbie(developer) a few times and lately Freya has been logging on.

However, overall they are quite active compared to the other servers i have played.

Helpfulness: 9
When GM's are on they are usually pretty helpful,

Economy: ...
I see like 3 shops a day, usually the same people every day selling well, junk. Quite horrible economy due to population and rates etc... :/

Guild Competition: 10
WoE is AWSOME, 1 castle is currently open and there are quite a few guilds, though most suck(lols) it is quite fun.

Class Balance: 8
Eh, same as most 99 level cap servers, not really any customs that break the balance.

Quite simply, a nice server. My only real complaint would be the GM's inactiveness and timezones, i once botchecked a few times every day, and i would usually find 3 or so EVERY day, Few would get banned due to GM's not being on at the same time, or at all >.<

EDIT: Changed the review around a bit(Like i always do)
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