Started by Scribbles, Jul 27, 2009, 11:31 AM

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First Off. I don't know why anyone else from this server won't read the guidelines. I apologize for them. Now for the Review.

Stability : 10
There is no lag. The only time there is a lag the Admin is Reloading and adding on Scripts. It's actually quite nice :3
Availability : 10
The Server is hosted on its own computer (that is it's only function) Recent problems have been fixed with an Auto-Clicker (when the computer goes into Sleep Mode, the server gets D/C)

Friendliness : 10
The Server players (no matter how many there aren't) are extremely friendly and active on a daily basis. Right now the population is small and quaint...but were hoping to fix that problem TT.TT
Eventfulness : 8
There are a few automated event. Like the Prontera Riot event and the Poring Invasion event. Both of them are neat, but the riot event isn't fun unless there are more players (It's a PvP and a PvM event with the Prontera Police) I'm sure when there are more players, there will be some non-automated events.

Game Masters
Friendliness : 10
The Admin is very friendly. Always introducing new characters to the server by showing them around.
Availability : 9
Active, Very Active. On every day adding on more customs and more features. I'm also trying to help by scripting some of the quests for the server.
Helpfulness : 9
Very. If you have a question the Gm team will try their best to solve it as fast as they can.

Economy :
There is no overpowered, open-source mall that you find in every server. He actually put some time into it to make a mall with the simple items. And all rare items can easily be sold via vending, without players saying "We can just buy that in the mall"
Guild Competition : 4
Unfortunately this score is low... Not many players, obviously, means not many guilds. So, No guild competition TT.TT
Class Balance : 7
Well... for a low population server I'd say yes... I don't know how to end this part ._."

If you want to join, Here's the link SmokieRPG Website.
Thanks for your time