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Offline Miles

« on: Oct 14, 2020, 10:02 pm »
Hello, I'm here to leave my honest review about this brand new server I've been playing on. It's called ShiningRO and it's one of the new midrate servers on RMS. What I love about this server is that there is an active GM on every day. She/He's the coder for the server and has done alot of fun and unique changes to the game we all love so much. GM Shining is very good at it, and it shows. Whenever there was a bug when beta testing, Shining promptly fixed it -- no issues! The players there so far are super nice! Everyone is helpful, and when it comes to leeching I'd be glad to help.~

Random options on gears bring a new flavor to MVP/PVE and BG/PVP/WOE. It's all luck based, but it definitely gives you the sense of a slim but rewarding chance and perfect stats on gears! For my fellow mvpers, you will love the changes our GM has made. Nothing seems unbalanced, and it's all for the good of PVP and endgame bosses.

New content is being added in a few days here, and the GM has expressed that there will continue to be updates and added content throughout ShiningRO's future. I absolutely love this server so much, and I believe you will all too! Come check us out.(: