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Started by Hisham, Jun 23, 2019, 07:05 PM

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Hello everyone,
For this thread, I'm going to review Milky Ragnarok Online. Milky RO is a high-rate renewal of 300x/300x/20x rate, Singapore hosted server. This server follows episode 16.2, Terra Gloria with 175/60 level capacity.

I started joining this server on 16 May 2019. To be honest, I'm not a fan and don't even like middle or higher rate, because I love the adventure of levelling and gearing characters from 1-99. However, since I'm a fan of renewal and SEA hosted server, I decided to give it a try.

Everything that you would like to know about the server available through their forum. Their forum it's like their own version of "MilkyRO Wiki".

Population, community and Game Master
i. Only few people online with 10+ auto vendors. I was informed that there are like 30 players online previously before Ramadhan. Looks like everyone still on Raya/Lebaran mode.
ii. However server always updated with changelogs weekly or every 2 weeks on Mondays.
iii. GM Nubs did everything by himself, from what I heard. He knows what he doing but he do accept reasonable suggestions. Gotta appreciate his effort!

i. Automated event every hour, with schedule
ii. Server weekly event (Refine event, weekly costume headgear quest, double exp)

Server stability and availabality
No crashes, no downtime,no major so far since the first day I joined, smooth like a baby skin.

i. Equipment quests, seperated by Guild Mission and Special Mission (weekly costume headgear quest). Short chain quest for mid to high-tier gears in Guild Mission list (example, you need A to craft B, but A must be crafted with this and this ingredients)

ii. no @return or @go command, but they do have @die command. GM wants player to make use of NPC warper and Butterfly Wings instead of commands for moving across maps especially towns.

iii. @showcasttime command. It shows your cast time (in millisecond, ms) of your skills in chat bar as Cast time : <number> ms variable + <number> ms fixed = <total cast time> ms . Useful to determine your cast time precisely.
iv. Costume Discord BOT that can link in-game chat - Whatever you talked in #global-chat in their Discord, it appeared in #global chat inside game, and the opposite when you chat in ther in-game #global chat. It's easier to chat with someone in-game while you're away from the game just through Discord. Also you won't see GM much in game since he's doing scripting thing, so in-game #global will come in handy.

v. Modified behaviour of BSB, HD and Enriched upgrading materials so you won't let RNG play hard with you. You will see a lot of veteran players here with +20 stuff thanks to BSB.

vi. Mid-tier instance (example OGH, CC, Jitterbug) drops are exchangeable for equipment upgrade materials. Refine materials also drop from mini-bosses and certain champion monsters.

vii. No comment for PVP content since I'm into PVM more.

viii. Cash points are obtainable through event by opening Milky Special Box,and Vote4Points as well instead of donation. Cash points also can be converted to Milky Platinum Card at rate of 1:1 and tradable with other players. So everyone can purchase cash items without spending real money.

ix. Balancing on certain gears and refine level requirement to unlock the gear ability, since it's easy to upgrade as well as grinding for the refine ingredients.

x. Still in Episode 16.2 Patch with 175/60 level limit, no skill rebalance patch and just only Illusion of Moonlight (which was updated recently)

xi. Neat and organized starting gear, consumable and material seller NPCs at north fountain of Prontera, with logo on their head indicating what they were selling.

xii. All drops are capped at 50%, and not all ingredient for crafting and cooking available through material NPCs. You still have to grind your own ingredients.

Overall, it's not pay2win, not a huge gap between donator and non-donator. Even though it's a high rate, grinding is still necessary, except gearing your character is slightly(or perhaps significantly) faster than low rate.

So, thanks for reading my review. This server honestly have a huge potential, and worth to give it a try. Also apologize for my not so good English, hope that you guys can understand my review. Have a nice day RMS community! Selamat Hari Raya  /lv