Shining Moon review

Started by jld285, Jun 16, 2019, 02:34 PM

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So I have been playing pre-renewal servers all my Ragnarok life up until quite recently. I spent ages on TalonRo and some nation specific servers. I first gave renewal a shot with NovaRO and didn't find it quite right as I couldn't find anyone who was willing to take in a total noob. My opportunity came when I realized Helheim exists. It's honestly been so refreshing to see people be friendly and active and joining.

Stability/Availability: 8.5/10
I'm really ahead of server time and have experienced one crash so far, so for me it's probably a 10. For others in different time zones it might be different, since I logged in like 4 times and was informed I can receive compensation over the course of the last 3 months or so. Shalltear makes me lag really hard though, I guess it's the spawns?

Community: 10/10
Oh my goodnes how refreshing. Instances are run every single day. Guilds are super welcoming and people are not hesitant to talk to you. I have experienced no gate keeping so far, unlike on other servers, where it was hard to get into a community of veteran players. I assume this is because the server is still rather fresh. On main and support chat people don't ignore those asking for advice and many have helped me understand the crazy renewal enchantments. I have literally had players go to specific spots with me and hand me crafting materials, taking the time of their day to really explain the system and wish me good luck. This has never happened on any other server.

Game masters: 10/10
Elek logs in pretty much daily with a server wide message to report bug or issues. He did hide and seek events which were really fun and he responds fast. I don't have much experience with any other GM's, but so far I have not seen any rude behaviour to any player and in general chat the GMs talk to other players instead of just keeping to themselves.

Game play: 8/10
As a mostly pre-renewal player I still get confused and some of the skills are hard to get used to, but overall it feels very smooth without many hiccups.

Guild competition: ?
I can't tell as I have never been a pvp player and never really cared for this type of content.

Class-balance: 8/10
When I look for an instance or a farming party there seems to be a good variety of classes. I have heard from people who play Oboro that it's harder for them to get a bio5 party though.

Overall I'm very happy with the server, mostly because of the community which I also have the most to say about. Many aspects of renewal are still new to me and I ask people questions pretty much every day and no one ever blew me off and it feels really good to see a server gaining population rather than having a lot of closed of veteran players (for example, I felt very alone on NovaRo, TalonRo I was the veteran player so I can't say how the newbies found it). I'd encourage those willing to give renewal a shot to try this server, because they won't be left in the dark.