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Offline Byakuyaa

« on: Nov 25, 2008, 04:32 pm »
Well I've been playing this server since it was started, It has grown on me and has become one of the things I care about most in my life. It has some ups and some low low downs, but what server doesn't? GM-Serenity gives his all to provide a server worth playing and all his hard work really does show off. As for my Ratings:

Server Rating

Stability - 9/10

It is very rare to ever find this server down. In actuality I don't remember it being down for more then 1 hour since it was opened. Sometimes it will have unexpected hiccups but it is due to the Host having issues, but it gets back up within 10 minutes. Very reliable.

Availability - 9.5/10

Like mentioned above it is very rare to find a time where this server is not up.


Friendliness - 8/10

The community is what makes me love this server so much, I've gained many friends from my experiences on SeRO. Mostly, the whole server is friendly, on occasion you run into someone with a bad day, but it won't ruin your time on the server. Many times I have requested help hunting/leveling, the players were glad to lend me a hand. You can't find a more player friendly server then this one.

Eventfulness - 9/10

Events are what this server knows best. The GM's throw an event almost everyday, whether it's a small Trivia event to a full scale scavenger hunt. Events are not shy to this server.

Game Master Rating

Friendliness - 9/10

The GM's on this server are very professional in their acts. They go the extra mile for the players. Never once have I see one of the current GM's act out in public, or show distaste for any player.

Availability - 10/10

I can garuentee you, if I logged on at this moment I would see a GM within 10 minutes. The GM's make it their goal to be as active as possible, handing over there free time to the server for when ever they are needed.

Helpfulness - 9/10

This is the topic they shine in. If you go into RO clueless about everything, you can expect a GM to assist you in your inquiries. Never have I see a GM ignore a player in need, ever.

Game Play Rating

Economy - 6.5/10

Eh, It's not in the best shape, but hey, It's not hard to make millions in RO, Some players do have an excess amount of zeny, but like I said, if a player really needs zeny, they could make an easy million in a few hours. All it takes is some patience and discipline.

Guild Competition - 8/10

Due to the lowish population WoE, can get boring. Regardless, the fighting is intense, Guilds are spreading out and the competition is widening. Definitely one of SeRO's strong points.

Class Balance - 9/10

GM-Serenity has made it his goal to maintain balance between the classes. I believe he has attained this. No class has superiority over all the other class, there is always one class that can take them down. This part of the server is extremely great, and is one of the reasons I am still playing.

In the end SerenityRO will one day be a great server, all it lacks is a strong population. The way it is going now though, this will not be an issue in the next few months :D