ScytheRO Needs to wake up!

Started by Oni_Umi, Jul 10, 2007, 04:32 AM

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Ok everyone.

I know there seem to be a lot of people on here who seem to enjoy this server, think it's a one of a kind. Unique and fully customized, as that's what they want you to think at lease.
Well I've come to notice a lot of things that are wrong with this server so i shall start now.

This server boasts to be one of the best customs made right?
This server and It's administrator are not doing as they say.
They say that this server has custom items that the Admin himself makes? Wrong!
They say these events are chosen and thought up by them? Wrong!
How do i know? I've been on that server since the begging, and I've seen it go from good to poor, unfiar and misleading!

For starters this server once had a very good GM team.
GMs that were going by the rules, keeping it maintained and in order.
The Chif GM on there she did her best to keep that server active and friendly. But that's that past.

My main issues with this server is. Yes you guessed it, corrupt GMS!!

It clearly states that this server does not tolerate harassment, botting multi clienting, Vulgarites and so forth.
Well so you mean to tell me that GMs can do these things and players can not?
GM Yari had drawn unnecessary attention to her self.
Not only did i and I know others have noticed, her not only loged on as her GM but also her Legit Character!
That my friends is against the rules!
But what happends when someone points this out? You want to know?
That person gets banned!
No it's not me before you all think I'm just having a rank and rage.
Yes i knew this person, he was a new payer to the server.
Not only that but he was also a donator to the site as well.

Now that's one thing with this GM.
The next is... Ooh wait, the thing that NO GM should do, even though the multi clienting is bad enough.

Giving out donation items and event prizes and ticket to their friends? Is that fair to all the other players?
No it's not!
We all know that people tend to suck up to GMs, why? Because they think they can get something out of it. And i can assure you, on this server they do.
Not only do they get away with breaking the rules, but if say they want something they get it.
And yes I've seen it.
Seen people being muted for no appraent reason, well other than someone beat their friend in PVP or got to a monster before them and so on.

I onced loved this server and the people who played it.
BUT now I've seen how it's changed for the worst.

Another this is events are meant to be fun for all right?

GM Yari does not only poor events but she lets people cheat in them.
One called 1234 a box event. I'm sure you know how it works.
But is it not unfair if people hide in the back and survive, and then move to another box so they can win?
Yes people have pointed this out to her, although she does not care.
On top of that you see GM groupies as i like to call them, winning these events.

Don't get me started on the pvp on this server.
Go on for you're self if you want people teaming up on you.
And they say they have a fair pvp game going.
Far from it.

Next up..
Racist GMs? Yes they have that too.
Buddah bless you, by fair the most racist GM on there.
Now I'd repeat some of the things, but no. They are crude.
But so you can get an idea..
Black people, they are people to right?
Lets just say.. To him he likes to demean them.
No I'm not black, but i DO NOT tollerate such things!
I think it's crude and disgustingly wrong when people do such things. And when you hear such informalities from a GM well... That's not good now is it?

Now some of you will most likely come in here trying to protect the server and it's GMS and so forth.
But you see i know as a matter of fact that the GMS pay people, or bribe them not only to vote for scythe but to lave reviews.
How do i know?
Because they made the mistake of offering something to me.

I vote for servers i feel that are good, balanced and well maintained.

The fact that i have had to come on here now to leave such a poor review has upset me in some ways.
Due to that fact that i did really have high hopes for this server.
I thought it could go far.

But no!

I have had words with people and someone well a few shall i say, people have hads words with Zairik the Admin of this server.
Telling him to wake up, to stop all of the unfairness in this game. To get GMS that are not going to be corrupted, helpers that will do what they should do. Help the players, support the GMs and help keep that server in good condition.
Friendly, fun, supportive and active for all players.

But until the Administrator see's how bad his GM team is nothing will be done.

I want that server to get back on it's feet. I don't want it shutting down, but i do not agree with things as they are on there at the moment.

And yes the whole GM Yari and GM Buddah thing does bother me.
As does that fact that there are 2 other GMS GM Avedis and GM Stringer they are GMs but they are never online.
Yes people work, people have school. And there's where you have made the mistake.
Kids are kids, kids have school and children can not be fair gms. At least not on that server with all their past gms being kids and seriously abusing their powers.
Learn from mistakes!

I'm sorry if you think this is a rant, in a way it is because I'm not happy with how things are done on this server.
And i find it to be a very false server at that at the moment!


Many things you said were simply false.  Here is my response in order of what was claimed in your post.

*I've only said we're the number one reviewed Super High Rate server.
*I never claimed to make the custom items, in fact, there is even a note on the customs page telling you I didn't.
*Yari does not play a legit character, Milky is her sister and we've stated that may times yet the rumor still goes around.
*One person was banned for continually spamming and insisting Milky was Yari when she IS NOT GM Yari, Milky was being harassed continually by this person even when he was told multiple times to stop and that is the reason for the person being banned.
*Our GM's are not corrupt, I carefully selected our staff and they are all responsible and kind people.
*Our GM's do not multi-client, it was another false rumor started that people continue to spread even though it's not true.
*GM's do not give out donation items or event prizes to their friends, this is another false rumor.
*People are muted for profanity every day because they can't follow the rules, we like a family friendly environment.
*People who hide in the backs of 1234 events still get killed, we have True-Sight and we always check the back areas.
*There are no "GM groupies" getting undeserved prizes from events, I'm not sure how you could cheat when everyone sees the /dice rolled in 1234 events and ones similar.
*There is a dueling map for 1vs1, there is a PvP Free-For-All map, and a total of 6 different types of player arenas if you don't like FFA (which you were probably assuming you could kill weaklings when they weren't looking anyway).
*I don't know what you heard Buddha say, but I've never seen him say uncalled for things like you suggest.  He is a kind and helpful GM and translator.
QuoteNo profanity, flaming, racial, or offensive language whatsoever
*We absolutely have NEVER bribed anyone for reviews.  I make a habit of saying "THERE IS NO REWARD" when I tell people to review.
*I never heard anyone say anything like that to me, it was more like "OMG YOUR HELPERS SUCK" and that was it because they themselves wanted to be helpers or interns.  Any idea of a lengthy dialog between me and this person is a figment of their imagination.
*ScytheRO is not shutting down.
*I've seen Stringer on more times than anyone this past week (even late at night, and regularly logs into the Ventrilo channel), our GM's log in at different times because they have different timezones and schedules.
*Our GM's do not abuse their powers.

Please note: A lot of rumors circulating were started by people with person grudges against the server, and are simply not true.  Even so, they are still being told and retold.  Most recently I added a few new helpers and people weren't happy or felt that they should have been accepted as a helper so they made up rumors against the current staff.  I hope this clears up any doubts players have when they read the topic above.  I do work hard to keep this server up and running smoothly and to keep players happy, but I can't fight rumors because there is no way for me to absolutely disprove every false claim (though I try).

If you need anything else cleared up, you can private message me.

Thank You,
Zairik - ScytheRO Administrator