Started by Sakaretsu, Oct 13, 2008, 04:00 AM

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Alright. This an honest review of RoForever, my second RO server where I spent nearly two years on, learned almost everything I know about RO, and made alot of friends, some of which I'll never forget.


Its a Low-Rate server at 4/4/3, Max level is 199/99(Its unusual, but we'll get to that later) Max stats are 150.

The community is very small at the moment but its quite friendly, and almost everyone knows one another.

Generally, Its a pretty fun server. Its great to play when you have alot of friends and whatnot, But there's one main gripe I have that ruins this server for alot of newcomers I've seen.

Imbalanced Donations. Donators have a drastically large advantage over non-donators in nearly every aspect. Leveling, Partying, MvPing, PvPing, WoEing, etc. There aren't too many pople wihtout donation gear, so parties are pretty rare due to the small population. However, There are two WoE castles which are strictly for non-donators. The castles are located in a custom map next to Morocc, and is known as Morocc WoE. The first castle, RA, Has all custom items, Miniboss and MvP cards forbidden, Base stat caps at 99, max level 99/70 to enter, making it completely legitimate (Of course, people can still donate for legitimate gear) The second castle, Amun, Has the same Equipment restrictions, but the Level and Stat caps are 199/99 and 150. Another incredibly irritating thing is trying to do the High level MvPs. On RoForever, When you die, The monster levels up, gets stronger, and also heals 10% of their HP. I once saw the highest level player summon a Valkyrie Randgris with a Bloody Branch and have it level to 199. It was pretty retarded but a few people eventually took it down.

RoForever also has alot of custom NPCs and a few Custom Pets, For further information on those, You could visit the RoForever Wiki, which has little information at the moment, which is another reason why this server needs more players. The Wiki can be edited by any RoF member.

Another Imbalance is that Soul Linkers can use Es- type skills on other players. (Outside of Morocc WoE) But this won't bother you much if you don't participate in Donator PvP/WoE.

The Admins are also very hard-working, They're almost always working due to there being only like 2 GMS and one Event GM which was recently added to the team, So expect some events in the near future. Back to the Admins though, They tend to get stressed and angry at some players, but it makes the server feel more real, unlike some servers where the GMs are so "professionnal" and whatnot and don't hang around and have fun.

Another fun thing is the Test Server, atleast once a week there's Testing for about one to four hours for new updates. In the Test server, everyone is a level 99 GM, so it could lead to some Chaos when people act stupid, but most of the time its been orderly. Also, Being part of the Test Team gets you Donation Credits on the main server, So you can get some Donation Gear without actually spending money, which is very nice.

Well thats about it. I don't play here anymore, But I figured I'd write a review to help increase the population, which has been decreasing as of late. I hope you decide to join RoForever.


-Stability: Extremely Rarely any Lag or Disconnections. 10
-Availability: Rarely down, only during maintenances and such, In some rare occasions it crashes. 9
-Friendliness: Most of the players are friendly and willing to help the newer players and such. 9
-Eventfulness: Next to no event from when i played, But there is an Event GM now with scheduled events, so i'll give this a 7.
Game Masters
-Friendliness: They're usually friendly, but like everyone else, they can get very stressed and angry, soemtimes misdirected towards the players. 7
-Availability: The GMs are rarely online in-game(Besides the Event GM i'm assuming), But are almost always on the Forums and MSN. 7
-Helpfulness: Most of the time, they will help when asked for help. 8
-Economy: The Economy Is almost non-existant, meaning You can barely make money off card drops unless they're really useful such as Zerom cards, Glove[1]s, Marc Cards, etc. 5
-Guild Competition: Due to the decrease in population, WoE and PvP are pretty much completely dead at the moment of this review. 2
-Class Balance: In non-donation WoE, Specifically the Amun castle, High level Magic types (Instant cast) and Taekwon Rankers (190 aspd stun/hit-lock) may come off as overpowered, in Donation WoE, Every class has the potential for huge DPS and near-invincibility. Due to this, Classes that can use the Ledger of Death/Book of the Dead may come off as overpowered, due to having 190 aspd with a high coma chance. Soul Linkers can also use Es- type skills on other players, leading to imbalance issues with Eske. Esma's damage can also seem pretty rediculous.

My overall score for the server is 70/100 ( Not an Average)

Oh also, there are a few videos from RoForever on youtube. Just search the server name and you should find some.