Shining Moon RO Review

Started by DroppedPJK, Apr 22, 2019, 08:02 PM

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Shining Moon RO is my first Renewal server, finally bit the bullet and decided to try one.

Stability  8/10:
Server stability was a little shaky in the 3 weeks I've been playing. As far as I know it is fine now and I would like to attribute the troubles to the recent two large updates and fixes introduced to the server.

Staff  9/10:
Take this with a grain of salt. I have not communicated or talked with any of the staff members. Honestly, I haven't really tried to, I don't see why a regular player would. As far as my observations goes, the owner, Lunar, pays frequent attention to his server and is responsive. He is certainly more responsive than I am to my team at work.

Gameplay 9/10:
1. Helheim is the server with the more authentic kRO system and livelier population. Nifelheim has less players and that kind of kills it for me.
2. Unique looting system that rewards the players more and encourages party play.

3. Choose your exp rate. Anywhere between 1x and 100x, and I chose 100x because I'm pretty damn lazy. The server does a great job rewarding players for leveling to max at 1x. You get about 10$ in cash points and a 50% (multiplicative) drop rate bonus which I think is pretty nifty.
4. World Boss, Automated Events, Daily Logins – These are awesome features that I heavily enjoy. They mirror more Modern MMORPGs and give a constant flow into the economy without hurting it. They let more casual players progress on their characters in a very casual low stress way.
5. QoL features. The server has a lot of quality features that I appreciate a lot. I love RO and all but certain aspects are boring as s*** and that will always be true. I'm not interested in having to walk to every map, having to find groups to do less popular instances, and so on. I'm certainly no damn fan of this new renewal refining mechanics and Shining Moon doesn't take an arm and a leg to get reasonable gear.
6. PVP is non existant. I think the player base is more PvM focused. I believe as the server picks up more people, PVP will become more main stream.

Economy 8/10:
The economy is exceptionally stable with due respect to the dailies. The cash shop does have a slight effect on the economy but the economy is so accessible that any player in their first week can get involved. Stable and accessible is an EXCEPTIONAL economy. I didn't feel like I had to drop $$$ or do anything insanely mundane to get involved.  It also helps that the cash shop is extremely friendly, a dollar goes a far way here lol.

Community 8/10:
The community size is decent and lively enough to not make you feel like you are on a deserted island. However, I still find myself hard pressed to find people to do less popular instances and I've yet to find a damn guild so that's bumming me out.

Overall: 8/10
I enjoy the server. It's very fun in that low stress mindless kind of way. I hope it last long and that more people give it a shot. It seems like it has an attentive owner too.