ExcelRO: A great pick for the 1x classic experience

Started by kimabrtams, Dec 12, 2022, 10:48 PM

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Yup, from 200+ to 35-45 not counting venders... Turncoat staff is a quick way to kill a server and shoot themselves in the back.


Without discussing who is right, owner vs. devs,..

Online of the former server were approximately 80+ players in total, subtract from them 30-40 auto venders, that means about 50 live players on average.

And so it was until wipe of OathRO. After the Oath was dead, yes, there was an influx of players to the server, I remember the numbers 180+ players in total minus atototraders, so there were about 140+ live players.
But then a new clone of the Oath server opened and at the same time there was a rollback of the players experience. What gave the outflow from the server.

And now you can see online on the server 70/34 (7 feb. 2023)
That is, online has almost returned to its value in the previous year.


Quote from: duduu on Jan 31, 2023, 04:46 PM
Goku just said he wouldn't want to split their playerbase by having two servers with the same configs. The server was at its peak, we had players flooding in everyday, the war would be great with a lot of competition. And then they (the staff, not Goku) make a "change for balance" straight out of nowhere and destroys everyone's trust with that. If you think the drama didn't break everything apart, just look at the new server and how much people are playing it, even with keeping your progress from the former server, people aren't coming

That's not at all true. Goku was MIA and was busy selling 30$ costumes on the server while the rest of the staff slaved to fix the 3275472 bugs it had. He was barely active (if you do not count his 24/7 AFK for a week straight in Prontera). He didn't have much technical knowhow, nor did he have a deep insight into the game itself from what I gathered about him over the months I played there. He wanted a convenient exit from the server and he used the excuse when the entire staff wanted to take a tough call over fixing the issue that was hampering anybody new coming to the server.

Also most importantly: If the "staff" were such villains as Goku loved portraying why's the entire staff still working on Goats, and just Goku left?

Also, I love how you conveniently did not mention the "fix" was to revert the exp bonus exploit that was present. You just got salty because you and your friends exploited the f*** out of it at Ancient Mummy map, and it reverted.

Also, everyone who got affected by the exploit outside of your guild and a handful of others, are back at playing it. (Myself & my friends included)

Regarding the population, it hasn't been growing, but it's stable. Excel also had the same population since I played there a fair bit. The burst in population even at Excel only happened because of Oath's fiasco and it went back when people moved out to "easier" rate servers.

Servers like Excel (now Ragnagoats) will never skyrocket to 500 players out of the blue. It will always be very gradual over the years. It's a 1x, and it's hard, it's not for everybody, especially in 2023, but it sure does have a dedicated player base as well as staff (at least now). It's now in good hands with people who care and have the technical know-how of the game unlike before.