My experience with Return to Morroc

Started by ayanami_ghost, Dec 06, 2023, 06:56 PM

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I've been casually playing this server for ~60 days, leved 3 characters to lv 130 (the endgame softcap) for now and I want to drop a quick review for people on the fence about testing the server, praise some stuff they do right and give some feedback about things that could be changed.

Things they do right
- New Lore and Worldbuilding, custom maps, custom dungeons, a main quest with dialogue changing according to your class.
- Most classes feel unique, it's fresh and yet similar to ragnarok. timing your heals matters even positioning matters when fighting regular monsters. There is a combo system that reminds me of FFXIV.
- The entire server staff is one guy, there's no gm drama and groupie cliques with moderators. You break the rules you get banned. If any guild does something wrong they all will be banned.
- Fairly organized discord/wiki it's easy to find info, you don't see that in custom servers very often.
- Balanced rates that respect your time without rushing you to endgame.
- Very few bugs, nothing gamebreaking, we get some server crashes like once every 2 weeks but they get fixed in minutes.
- Server culture is pretty chill, leveling parties every level bracket and people are eager to help newcomers.
- No pure "support" class, most jobs have 1 maybe 2 supporting skills at best, it's up to you to use it or not.
- New stuff to look foward, I've seen a lot of new content being released in just 2 months.
- No p2win, actually the cash shop sucks, I see no reason to donating unless you wanna support the dev, everything in the cash shop is tradeable but no one gives a s*** about the costumes they are dirt cheap.

Some feedback/ Things to keep in mind
- People don't care about guild content, barely any  active recruiting guilds, if you are looking into guild content this server is not for you.
- Market is a mess, not just prices.
- I feel like endgame has some huge statchecks, don't get me wrong you are not doing any endgame content if you are bad at the game with god gear but you will struggle a lot if you are the average player with average gear. This is offset by gear not breaking at refining I guess.
- No mage class feels good to play as a High Wizard/Warlock, most Arcane Mage players are always angry about the class balance. 
- Most classes start as a thief, keep in mind thief is a very easy to build in any way you want class here, you can be a thief archer, mage, aa, auto spell but not everyone knows that, I've seen some people refusing to play this server just because they think you have to level a thief in order to do anything.

So what
IMO return to morroc is not a perfect server by any means and is not for everyone but as someone who loves custom content it is a labor of love and it is getting better, so I'm not leaving anytime soon.