A Grim Encounter with Hata no Kokoro Online: A Server Infected by Hatred

Started by WhiteCream, Jul 19, 2023, 06:50 PM

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I regret to inform potential players that my experience on the HataRO server was nothing short of a harrowing ordeal. While I typically approach online gaming communities with an open mind and a willingness to give them a fair chance, HataRO left an indelible stain on my perception of private Ragnarok Online servers.

From the moment I joined the server's Discord, I was confronted with a disturbing truth: the owner of HataRO, [GM] utsuho aka tritonium, harbors abhorrent racist and antisemitic beliefs, unabashedly displaying them through frequent posts and comments. I didn't even need to scour the Discord to find it at all.

The presence of a racist white supremacist as the server owner created an atmosphere that was not only toxic but outright repugnant. Instead of embracing diversity and promoting inclusivity, HataRO's owner seemed determined to alienate and insult anyone who didn't fit into their twisted worldview. As someone who believes in equality and respect for all, this was an immediate red flag.

Beyond the blatant displays of racism, the server's administration failed to address or even acknowledge the severity of the issue. According to them, "I don't care if you say [n-word] in #main, but if someone gives a stink, remind them where they are". It became clear that they either shared similar beliefs or lacked the moral courage to confront their leader, allowing the discordant symphony of hatred to persist. This dereliction of duty speaks volumes about their commitment to creating a safe and enjoyable gaming space.

When I logged in for the first time, after getting out of novice training ground, there was a very friendly guy that gave me items and even helped me level, but then I noticed his guild was called [n-word] in all caps, with a black caricature as the emblem. He even tried to invite me to the guild, which I politely refused. It was such a bizarre sight to see, a pretty nice person on the outside but wearing his racism like it was a medal, something to be proud of.

Sadly, this poisonous ideology permeated other aspects of the server as well. In-game chats were rife with offensive language, slurs, and derogatory remarks, creating an incredibly hostile environment for players seeking solace and camaraderie. Such behavior undermines the very essence of an MMO, where community and collaboration should thrive.

Moreover, the server's administration showed a concerning lack of professionalism and dedication. Bugs and issues were left unresolved for extended periods, suggesting a disregard for player satisfaction. Renewal descriptions and stats in a pre-renewal server and custom changes not reflected in the in-game text for example. HataRO's incompetence in maintaining a stable and functional environment further solidified my disillusionment.

In conclusion, HataRO's insidious blend of racism, anti-semitism, white supremacy (the owner ocasionally posts pictures with his guns and at shooting ranges, after making remarks about black people) and ineptitude has created an atmosphere that is profoundly unsettling and detrimental to the enjoyment of Ragnarok Online. It is my firm belief that no player, regardless of their background, should have to subject themselves to such a toxic community. I implore others to steer clear of this server and instead seek out communities that embrace diversity, foster inclusivity, and promote a healthy and enjoyable gaming experience.

I would even post proof here, but as it is very offensive content, I'll just leave a link where you can check it out: https://files.catbox.moe/g1n2t7.png

Edit: After I posted this review people started spamming 100 score reviews telling its all "photoshop" and "coordinated plot to ruin the server".
Well, join the Discord server and use the search function then, see it for yourself. Even if the owner delete it all I already exported the whole chat.
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So I don't care about any of that at all, because they're just simply words on the internet and they shouldn't be able to hurt a normal human. But it's quite funny how paranoid that admin guy is right now. I tried to join his discord just to have a look for my own amusement and he has pretty much wiped almost his entire discord. He even banned and blocked me for no reason. Like bro chill, you've already wiped the discord. Why are you warding people off. If anything, this thread will only gain you more players of your type.  /hmm
I am not associated with NovaRO.


Hey just want to make sure, you know antisemitism is anti-Jewish people right? Not anti-black people? Can't help but notice there wasn't any screenshots relating to that claim.

Other than that, that's pretty wild, dang. If he's the owner of the discord server, you can probably report it to Discord's Trust/Safety thing? Though I'm not sure if they do anything about it/if it's severe enough for Discord to care, could be good to report it anyway. Can't hurt y'know?


All I see are just "jokes".
It's been months - at that time only friends/acquaintances of 4chan were playing on the server, everyone was using such words.
It was a meme server, in private. Nobody was seriously offended.
Digging up old stuff like that and then blaming someone who is now building a serious project is pretty bitter.
And then going to the trouble of making a collage shows real passion.

If you have a personal problem, you should just go your separate ways.