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Started by X i a n g, Oct 30, 2021, 09:30 PM

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X i a n g

Unfair for new players wanting to join.
New Players freebies items are not standardized.
For example: If you join before 25th October, you get a list of levelling aiding items such as HP Potions, SP Potions etc. and most importantly you get this Miracle Medicine (helps you to instantly level up so that you can get your character (whatever job it is) to be ready for WOE), BUT if you join after 25th October, you don't get that Miracle Medicine anymore for your new characters.This sparks an issue of balance in the server, I mean aren't you supposed to make it equal for all players, regardless of old or new players?

(Greed Clip - allows @autoloot for 7 days - great for newbies) I spoke to the admin, he/she tried to hide the fact that it was previously available and was removed. He/she just stated that there's no such thing as you can see from the conversation.

(Miracle Medicine - instant level up) Same thing happened, spoke to admin. He/she claimed it was only from the Shower Event and not the NPC, which I have evidence that my previous characters got it straight from the NPC without attending the Shower Event.

In saying all that, I found this server to be pretty good so far. If ONLY it was fairer to new players who wants to join.
However, that's what you get when a server becomes too arrogant (full of other players donating) and refuse to listen to new players feedbacks. I am sure the admin thinks that it's only 1 newbie player complaining and will not disrupt or adversely affect the server's welfare. Hence, he/she didn't even try to rectify the issue.

So yeah guys, that's the review I have for this server. I know it is only a small issue to many of you, but rest assured, always be wary of hosts who do not care about its players, eventually in the long run it will become a big issue. Ironically, reminds you a lot about politicians eh?
Can't argue with stupid people, they only bring you down to their level of ignorance and beat with you experience.

A server where the admin/GMs only care about donations and refuse to take in feedback in rectifying issues raised by players. In terms of donation, think carefully, do you want to pay for such services?


Changes occur on any server. And if the early players were able to cheese previous features, that's one of the benefits of being a pioneer. They (GMs) did nothing wrong; you're just frustrated because you couldn't get what you wanted despite your nagging.

I'm not from their server, by the way. I am, in fact, a competitor (SolaceRO).
solacero rip


I don't understand why people play this s*** p2w servers with kafra shop seriously and then act surprised when the administrators of the servers don't give a damn about them because they are not giving them money.