Shining Moon RO ( Helheim ) the KRO server outside of KRO

Started by [email protected], Oct 07, 2021, 10:51 AM

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Hello everyone long time lurker first-time reviewer (kinda)
I'm here today to post my first well 2ndish (kinda) server review
but this time is on the Shining Moon RO server specifically Helheim (first one was for NovaRO but nova deleted it even though it was a positive but that might be because it was when the Koen king of deeps debacle was happening and Nova was on high strain so no hard feelings on it)

first ima answer some FAQ
Q: how long did you play on the server before you decided to write this review
A: 1 year so I'm neither a newbie nor a veteran

Q2: Did you donate/whale on this server
A: no I didn't I'm too broke to donate/whale on any MMO I play I'm strictly free to play

with those questions out of the way let's start with the review

SMRO is quite a unique RO server
what makes it unique is its the only Ragnarök (Renewal) server that accurately emulates Korean Ragnarök down to a tee
no MMO has ever done this heck even Soul Workers that is being run by its own Korean developer cant emulate its KR server outside of Korea

now you might say but KRO is P2W that's, not good
ahh but that's another reason why SMRO is unique and that is the owner found a way to emulate a server that is 100% ran by cashpoints completely free to play friendly how f2p friendly well its gonna be answered in my market review

Market Health - KRO/10
what I mean about KRO/10 is even their market price is 90% the same as KRO if you want to compare
This is a price of an endgame Katar weapon on

now this is the same item on ( PS is a Ragial Equivalent Site )

it's almost identical this to me is a sign of a really healthy market
this is completely affordable for players starting out just as KRO wants it to be affordable for newer players so does SMRO

now as for cash shop items in KRO it's 100% only in the cash shop so you might think SMRO is the same
The answer to that is no the majority of the cash shop items are gotten via farming

and NO not farming and buying from other players (you know whaling with extra steps)
It's just farming and monster drops it

Here's a Comparison of a cash shop only weapon in

vs that same item in
SMRO (this weapon is gotten from an instance no buying from cash shop just instance)

TLDR: the market is really healthy it doesn't hate new players and is welcoming

Population - 8/10
The population of Helheim is almost
1.1k online

and this 1k is not the 1k: 70% vendor bots 30% players (that is almost like bots)
for that 1k population, you will find the server activity more lively even leveling is quite lively

this is SMRO party recruitment window

now on EXP events or drop rate events or even just the weekends this would span 2~3 pages
heck I play when the server time is 1 AM ~2 AM and I still get an almost 12/12 party now that's what i call server activeness

Community - Discord 5/10, in-game - 9/10
the discord community is just ok they have a discord server but I got to be honest that discord server kinda needs some work it's a bit of a mess that Discord server is mostly memes and stuff and convo that's not really about RO most of the time

But the in-game community is 100% different let me tell you about my experience when I started 1 year ago
I asked about what equipment is good for a new player instead of getting something along the lines of go read a guide
or buy this really really outdated item so you can do s*** and farm 24/7 on an area to earn 600m 24m at a time

what I got was 3 guys pming me telling me, hey these new items that are built for a new player (grace set) is available
you just need to get a few honor tokens from daily and to my surprise two of them just gave me enough honor token to get all the pieces I still had to farm a bit for the refinement stuff but that help goes a long way

I only experienced this kind of helping community when I was playing Soul Worker on the Korean Server
it's not spoon-feeding help but its help that I needed

Server Stability - 5/10
I got, to be honest, the server does go down quite a bit and sometimes maintenance would happen out of the blue which would be kind of annoying to some people now to people who don't play SMRO this is 100% a downside

BUT to people who play SMRO this is an absolute win why?
COMPENSATION PORING!!! (although I wish it was a different one like a Galapagos compensation birb)
no joke iv gotten close to 30k cash points for free just from this guy when the server goes down
its completely RNG but when you get lucky oh boy you will wish that the server goes down more often

Customization - 7/10
SMRO has a bit of customization but not in skills, or items or anything its mostly NPCs that is customized
in most renewal servers you will need to go through the quest of unlocking everything from 16.1 all the way to 17.2 just to enter this super new hot relevant stuff instance and 100% of the time these quest chains would last for hours and hours 1 quest you even have wait 24hrs just to proceed its a nightmare

but in SMRO it's streamed lined

Do you want to do 17.1 instances and get the equipment and enchant it without doing the 5hr quest that's needed for it?
yes you can
Do you want to do the 5hr quest for it because lore and stuff
you can too (but why?)

Speaking of relevance I'm adding another category

Old Content Activity - 7/10
if I have to judge other renewal servers in this category they will all get a big fat 0/10
the reason SMRO gets a score in this is because of a thing called Instance Coins and it actually gives good money for some
old content like Sara's memory, Charleston crisis, and of the sort still retains its relevance with the instance coins and for Sara's memory, it gives ok Zeny these instance Coins are used for getting a lot of the powerful cash shop only items in KRO and you get it just by running instances making old content somewhat relevant

it would have been a 10/10 if they left the HTF stuff but well they didn't ima put some suggestions for this

Anyway suggestions from me if Lunar is able to read this I hope he does

HTF gold and bullion drops return
now I get that you can get the Celine robe which is the BiS armor of mages in HTF and giving them money on top of the drop chance of a BiS armor is too much but what if you separate them
Hell and Purgatory gets 0 gold and bullion drop but can drop the robe and lower difficulty gets 0 robe drop but the bullion and gold drop

Smart Cast Rework or well DEwork
I get that SMRO has a more unique and newer way of Smart cast and wants to distance themselves from the other big servers but as in cars there's really no shame in using the wheel since it works 100% better than a square

and that is my review and abit of my suggestion try the server out its genuinely good and the only way to play KRO outside of buying a KRO account