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Started by chrisyim1, Jun 10, 2021, 09:32 PM

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Hello all,

I've played on RebirthRO for years after it came out. The server was popping and I've made some really good friends along the way.
Anyways, I stopped playing for 10+ years and came back to find out that the old RebirthRO is no longer.
It appears that Syphons crew performed a coup and kicked him out for not liking his "financial decisions". Yes, I saw all the screenshots. Do some digging and you can too.
Anyker, Pheonix, and so on decided to take over the server instead of just leaving. Sure they were absolutely wrong to do that however, Syphon is not innocent in all of this. Again, yes I saw the screenshots of the racist asain comments. Regardless, there was no right in taking this man's server period.

Now there is which was the stolen one, and which is Syphons new server.
Both, are unfortunately trash. I downloaded each and the population is not as large as they make it out to be. The game can still be fun but with no one to play with.... idk. Every single pvp room was empty on both. Back in the day, the pvp rooms were lit. People came there to meet up and chill, talk, and battle.

My point is, there was no good that came from the stupid coup. It split the community in half and eventually died out. I just wonder now how things would've been in present day if the coup didn't occur.

If only syphon and his old admins could get back together and combine the population.
I'd be back thats for sure.