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Ragnarok Travels vs retRO (long read)

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Seeing the heated feud go on between the two server playerbase, thought i'd chime in.

Ragnarok Travels

I played the server quite briefly for about a month when it came out. I am usually a sucker for low rates and the server looked promising. The start was difficult specially due to the lack for parties or players. However i powered through and got myself a nice level 30ish thief. That was the peak of covid times(stay at home) so i tried getting my girlfriend into RO. She had tried Origins for a bit but is quite new to the game. When i went to register an account for her the weirdness of this server started to show.

When making an account it asks for your phone number, which is super weird but i didn't think much of it at the time. But when making an account for my girlfriend it just wouldn't let us create one. Even when using a different number, just gave some error. I had to use a VPN to create her an account. Then more weirdness with the client since it was running it's own anti-cheat software, which my girlfriend objected to, again being the RO lover i am just ignored it in the start. However i assured her that it's not giving any issues on my laptop so on with it. In hindsight that was a pretty dumb mistake by me because he runs his own anti-cheat. Gepard and others are tested softwares, running an unknown software is a bit fishy but i didn't face any issues myself. Anyways back to my experience.

So me and her played for a while, i think she got to like lvl 20 or so, the next day she had work from home so i told her to just buff me whilst i level up, which she was happy to as it was just alt tabbing and giving me agi up (was far from getting blessing). I wasn't exp sharing (since leeching wasn't allowed), however i can see how this whole thing might have looked suspicious from the admins side of things.

We woke up the next day unable to log into our accounts. Knowing what others have reported, y'all know whats coming, we were due for a ban. Which atm was super weird to me because i kinda expected for him to do further investigation or check with us. Being banned from a low-pop newly released server was a bit of a surprise. It kinda made me wonder, shouldn't the team be focusing on other more pressing matters rather than policing so aggressively, since the game still wasn't completely ironed out, there were a few bugs people were reporting and we were facing minor lag issues despite being in mid-west US(server is NA based as far as i know).

Sam day i approached Lord J (the admin/owner) inquiring about the ban. The only thing he told me that it was on the grounds of multi clienting. Which frankly i wasn't, but again i can see how someone could construed it as multi-clienting. Ill post my last chat with him on discord for you guys to see it.

tldr: I asked him for my account back. He hit me back with a *nothing personal dude*(??). Asked me prove me that i wasn't multi clienting, or i guess prove that i have a girlfriend who plays? I don't know what proof he wanted but moving on. The chat is posted for you guys to read

The only good thing ill say about the server is that when it wasn't lagging, it did feel fluid. I don't think Lord J is dishonest in anyway, he probably does want to create an authentic RO experience, but RO is quite alot about the social aspect of human interaction in an online game, and that's where his server is really lacking. My friend recently checked out the server a week ago, and it felt quite barren and dead to him. And the community remaining is basically a circle-jerk. Also the changes are absurd, idk if Teleport is suppose to be 100SP in iRO, never experienced it in any private or official RO (i might be wrong here though).


I've made this post long enough and it's highly opinionated, so imma keep the retRO part short and more comparative since they identical servers in their offerings.

The server is quite identical to RO Travels, however the discord is alot more lively and so are the cities. Parties are alot more common and frankly the server feels more populated than it's 150ish (50 auto traders) feels. Just been two weeks but really enjoying the server. The only major difference is that you can have an auto-trader + being playing your character, which really doesn't change the gameplay experience and probably is a smarter move as it helped the economy flow. Start was equally as rough as Ragnarok Travels, where i was barely able to buy healing items in the first few days, but due to a healthier economy i've got decent zeny that i don't have to worry about kafra teleports or buying consumables.

Even though the server is 6 months old and i've been playing for 2 weeks, i don't feel that i am too behind interms of equips, levels and zeny, i've already gotten a level 50 character thanks to some great Sage Worm parties, the community is super helpful, and the staff is real friendly, i've had bugs here and there and they seem quite genuine and apathetic when i reported it. They have the social skills of running a server pretty nailed. The only negative i can say for the server is the website is quite an eye-sore, that's like the only thing i'd give Ragnarok Travels a point over retRO.

The ping is fine playing from NA, though it is an EU based server. No complains there, similarish to what i get playing OriginsRO.

The client however is a wee bit buggy. Nothing game breaking, but annoying nonethless, reported it and GMs seem to be working on it.

Edit (missed this part): retRO also doesn't take any donations from what i can see. And in RO Travels defense, it doesn't either (sort of). It has this monthly subscription model to get access to their database, cosmetics and few other perks. I don't suspect it's game altering but it isn't totally donation free i guess, but i didn't subscribe so can't go too indepth there.

And lastly, they have a section on their website for people who have 2 players living in the same house, it is possible, you just gotta notify them before.

To sum up, both servers are pretty identical, but Ragnarok Travels is run by a CCP Gestapo KGB levels of punishment and strictness, along with the suppression of free speech that comes with it. Cheers!

Imperial Regalia:
Hi xtarinos,

You are a 4 time ban evader and your original two accounts have nearly identical names with nearly all of the same registration information. The characters on these accounts follow the same naming scheme, and the second character was only used to autofollow and buff the first. 3 of your 4 accounts were registered from proxies and mobile IPs.

Yep, i did use proxies to create accounts as stated earlier in the original post.

The other two account were mine and were abandoned and not used after i realized that i have to use a single account. I guess i skipped the ToS part on that.
We are not proving our innocence here, since i already admitted using a VPN to register which i presume is not allowed in your ToS.

However we did not auto follow, multi-client or leech.

Though it doesn't matter now i guess.

What is concerning that you would share an ex-players login credentials on a publicly viewable platform. That is pretty sus.

Imperial Regalia:
Your two character names are public information. Honest behavior would've been to inform staff before using a VPN to create the initial two accounts, because by nature of needing a VPN it was clear you weren't supposed to. The purpose of the subsequent multi-clienting and ban evasion was quite clear.

--- Quote from: xtarinos on Jul 28, 2021, 02:01 am ---The other two account were mine and were abandoned and not used after i realized that i have to use a single account.


However we did not auto follow, multi-client or leech.

--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: Imperial Regalia on Jul 28, 2021, 07:34 am ---Your two character names are public information.

--- End quote ---

Bruh, what you initially posted weren't character names. Those were login IDs and clearly are not suppose to be public information.

Those were posted by you by, then later on removed by RMS due to it being sensitive information, and then later edited out by you, presumably after your realized your mistake.

Screenshots posted down below of the original posts.


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