TenariusRO a gem getting polished

Started by Shagaru, Aug 08, 2021, 08:47 AM

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I've been on the look out for a Low-Rate Server that deviates a bit from the norm.
Something that has all the aspects and meta i am used to and fell in love with and just that little push of custom content that makes it a refreshing experiance.

TenariusRo is exactly that.

Tenarius Ro is a mostly spanish speaking Server with proxys through Chile and US. Me playing from Europe get a steady ping of 100
Either way, one look at the wiki had me intrigued and i decided to give it a shot after some time of monitoring.

The Server is episode 13.2:

15x linear rates base/job/drop 3x boss flag and 7x quest exp. On the Weekend this goes up to 20x for everything besides Quest and Cards.
Slightly high for my taste but the Profession System implemented is alot more grindy so there is alot more to do besides the usual stuff

3 client per Pc gepard restriction.
@autoloot /@alootid +-
The usual Job Master/Resetter(with Cost)/Stylist and many more

The Server is stable and the Admin is very attentive. I would guess the Population floats around 60-80 unique logins. And 40 active during peak houres currently. From what i can see, there is new players joining everyday and the Administration is working alot on advertising / getting the word out. Although there is a language barrier. The community is friendly and laid back.

Now what makes this server special for me is the Profession System they implemented.
U can pick between 4 Gathering Professions and 8 Production Professions choosing 1 of each Gathering/Production for a total of 2 Professions per character. The Professions allow u to create special consumables and equipment that in some cases has BiS Potential and in other cases highlights underpowered Builds and playstyles and makes them more viable. The Gathering Professions procure and refine some of the materials needed and build the Foundation of this System. Since most Production requiers materials from a variety of Gathering Professions, trade between players is encouraged and a new ecosystem is created. Of course this is prone to balance issues and is worked on during the servers lifetime to this day.

As for PvP the server has King of Emperium mode on the weekends currently and Battleground 2.0
BG is dead and i doubt KoE has any significant participation. Some of the custom equipment also looks very prone to balance issues in a group v group format so i wouldn't recommend this server to WoE/PvP purists currently.
The regular economy suffers from a lower than requierd Player Count and no nerfs to zeny farm spots on linearly increased rates.
Its unfortunate this wasn't adjusted at the beginning as on so many other low-rates these days. I can only imagen the inflation once population picks up.

Anyways this Server is great for players that enjoy Ro PvE as it has always things to do.

->Improve ur Profession level
->Procure materials
->Craft items
->Try niche builds

And all the regular Ro progression we are used to.

For these type of players i very much recommend this server.