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Started by BleakIsOwning, May 24, 2021, 08:11 PM

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Hello everyone,
I am surprised I made the effort to go through the effort to make a forum post on RMS to further rate the server. My jimmies were rustled haha

A little about my experience on RO:Raganarok Travels - I never played RO before I played on this server...This was for about 5 weeks or so. I was amazed to see such a friendly community wanting to help a complete RO newbie like myself, they answered all the questions that I had and gave me step-by-steps to getting to place, etc. Fast forward 200+ hours played in a month I found myself a kick donkey guild that wanted to compete against the only other guild on the server (Aesir vs Impulse). Unfortunately, there aren't any other options if you do want a "bigger" guild on a server that features 40-50 average players online even after the release of a new episode. But, if you love your community and have farming and levelling goals, things like lack of big guilds can be overlooked - if you have competition. WoE has been the update that the server has been looking forward to for a longgggg time.  When asked, Lord J gives an ambiguous answer such as "when the population increases" despite reaching 60 average online only once for less than a few days.

After grinding away for specific items and cards I quickly fell out of love with 1x servers because I had no results and also no current goals / things to play for. That isn't because of the server, that is because of the original rates. They aren't for everyone and with no experience with other rates, I didn't know that I fell into this category. I decided to quit RO:RT, made a give away for all my loot on the guild discord server and proceeded to hand out the gear as people messaged me through guild discord. After a hour or so, I was forced logged out of the game and was unable to log back in (Banned). I quickly PM the admins and scratched my head on why...Only explanation is that they could view PMs between me and my guildmates.

Yes, Lord J...You CAN read Private Messages sent between players even though you FEIGN ignorance on this. I have talked to a different server owner and they confirmed this.

Under the guise of "Aggressively poaching players", he banned my account without appeal or proof that I "advertised" a new server in the PUBLIC chat.

Quote've gotten reports that you've done a bad thing, my friend.

Personally I dislike overly negative people, simply because they usually aren't aware that they're the source of most of the problems they complain about. For example you could've exposed the server to multiple people in the time you spent on this. It isn't something I'd hold against anyone though.
Poaching our players and using our in-game platform that we pay for to advertise other servers, however, is a very serious offense and will not be tolerated...Your ban is not permanent, but will be a few weeks at the minimum. You may contact me or any of the staff no sooner than then to appeal.
(Unable to defend myself because he blocked me from the discord server and contacting the admins)

Before this ban I was going to quietly leave and enjoy a new server. I had nothing but good things to say about the server, even if the emulator is outdated it adds a 'charm' and unique game play.

The funny thing is, he said that I said a specific server but I didn't even know which server I was going to and had to discord the people who were asking where I was going. So, how could I publicly advertise a server that I didn't even know the name of. Another note to add is that I did not incite any conversation with ANYBODY on where I was going unless I was DIRECTLY asked by them. And even then, it was in PRIVATE messages.

After a few hours of various discord messages between Lord J and guildmates, he wouldn't give any specifics to why I was banned. He straight up didn't like the fact that I was quitting and mentioning the rates of the new server I was going into. Not even the NAME of the server which has me questioning his actions even more. If I was wrong and accidentally said the name of the server I was going to publicly, I would be the first to admit I was wrong.

QuoteI don't want to put other players at risk of retaliation, but he was engaged in direct advertisement for another server with our players and blatant poaching. This is in poor taste and against our rules for obvious reasons.

QuoteIf screenshots are offered he will claim it isn't him because I blocked the names or renamed them. It is impossible to reliably prove, creates drama, and feeds into his original goal by having screencaps of server advertisements broadcasted and shared among a bunch of otherwise uninvolved people. Most importantly Bleak at minimum will be able to identify the person in the ss, which I dont think is an acceptable breach of privacy. Players should feel that they can report anything private to me without me exposing it in public

The big problem with this logic is that Lord J's thinks that I am unable to admit my wrong doings. Now, the players who are accused of doing something are justifiably banned under his sole decision without proof.  I had no malicious intent towards RO:RT when I was quitting...Its so freakin' weird he would take this upon himself to ban me.

I am going to leave this here and have this post collect dust. Maybe somebody will stumble on it and gauge whether this server is for them. The admin shot himself in the foot for banning someone who had no negative feelings towards the server before he was leaving. 

Lord J's original response to my initial server review was: "You aren't being honest. You apparently sent your server advertisement to a lot of people because one of them reported you. Not much to say here as this clearly falls under the common sense doctrine. Advertising other servers  and poaching is not allowed"
2 people = a lot of people. Those 2 people, guildmates and friends of mine, must be snitches. LOL

Lord J is watching your PMs between you and your guildmates O.O


Lord J never was a man of logic or getting needed proof, all you need is to sweet talk the man and be on his good side to get someone you dislike banned. He'll likely flag your review to have it removed like he has with many other honest bad reviews against RT because it would hurt the servers image.


the other low rate server you were probably looking for,
i just logged in to post a wonderful review for them because theyre having some maintenance.

but i can't stop to add on- on this post 1st  /heh

Read through my review properly,
i was unable to login 29th Nov 2020, (banned?)
posted the review on Feb 2021,

Admin reply? = 2021-02-13
"This player was banned today for attempting to multi-client."

im going to stop short of describing on the admin or the game server content (so called "accurate" official episodic release) any further.
Just decide for yourself.

Imperial Regalia

You were reported to me by players for a reason. Advertising other servers and poaching is not allowed, and will never be allowed on Ragnarok Travels. Unfortunately this kind of whining is not going to reverse your ban. You now join the population of disgruntled banned rule breakers, and as this post collects dust, that is all people will remember you as. The player who made a fool of himself and gave free publicity to our server.

Oh and we hit a recent population peak today.

Quote from: Bullet on May 24, 2021, 11:51 PM
but i can't stop to add on- on this post 1st  /heh
i was unable to login 29th Nov 2020, (banned?)
posted the review on Feb 2021,
Correct. The intention was to call out that you were lying in your review. You didn't wait 4 months after getting banned and were in fact banned the day you wrote it on what was your 2nd or 3rd account.


You throw out accusations that I was reported by multiple players but refuse to tell the community who they are and what I said. Earlier you said it was a single player that reported me, which one is it? Multiple or one report?

You are using the private messages that I sent to my guildmates who initiated the conversation first as evidence that I was trying to poach players. The finality in your decisions regarding this matter is what irks me the most because you didn't even consider to ask for my opinion. I am vey reasonable and would accept the ban if the conversation went like this:

"This server sucks! I am leaving - you should come to ROstalgia with me, its fresh and we can build up the guild again there"

But, the conversation didn't go this way. They asked me where I was going first in private AND I didn't even mention the server name in the client. I didn't even mention that I was leaving in the general chat. There was no public announcement, no public poaching, nothing of the sort.

Do you understand why I am arguing? You see this as whining, but I see this as proving my innocence and unveiling your rash decisions.


There really is no point in trying to argue with them, as most players there have a cult like mindset. Everyone is wrong and they are "always right", check other review posts about RT and you'll see for yourself.

Quote from: Imperial Regalia on May 25, 2021, 02:39 AM
As this post collects dust, that is all people will remember you as. The player who made a fool of himself and gave free publicity to our server.

But RT already has the rep of a server to avoid, so just because you gained 20more auto traders really isn't anything to brag about as a player spike xD


Sorry for being straight to you but your words has no credibility.
U blatantly lied to a staff member, trying to get your account unbanned by avoiding the main reason why u got banned in the first place, thats being dishonest.
Secondly, talking behind ppl's back for something they did not do and manipulate the situation proves ure just garbage. To be more personal, i have full-on proofs of you rattling my other guild member telling me im ksing your mobs, but in fact ure the one that ksed my provoked monsters, which u did not do a thing to make the mobs being agressive other than just standing in front of you, and claiming that theyre your property based on nothing. You deserved the ban hammer, and instead of whining about J's decision, suck it and then come back after a few weeks. People are not stupid, and dont expect others to buy your story based on nothing.


I forgot the info for my main forum account, so I made this one. Haven't had to use it in forever, lol.  /swt

I am in the same guild as Bleak. We are still waiting for any kind of proof to why he was banned. Surely he can just quote what Bleak said that was so wrong, no? Or does Lord J ban immediately on any accusation made? Also, what's the point of only being able to appeal a temporary ban after it's over?

It sounds like this "person who reported him" excuse is just a cover because he doesn't want people to know he's reading PMs. Bleak never tried to convince anyone else to go with him and only responded to people asking.

If servers could have personality traits this one would 100% be a narcissist. I've never seen a server so full of itself that it bills s*** mechanics like position lag as a feature.


That sure is awfully convenient. Can't even tell the guy you banned what exactly he said himself that caused such righteous fury to rain down upon him.

Play on Travels and you'll risk a random ban and never know what exactly you did wrong except some vague non-answers.  /no1


Quote from: Imperial Regalia on May 25, 2021, 02:39 AM
Correct. The intention was to call out that you were lying in your review. You didn't wait 4 months after getting banned and were in fact banned the day you wrote it on what was your 2nd or 3rd account.

Incase still suffering from prolonged amnesia. Some timeline.

on: Dec 25, 2020, 03:07 am »
Beginning of my review and your (minions) unsubstantiated harsh rebuke.

on: Dec 27, 2020, 08:34 am »
Reiteration to stop your antics, and final warning of my official review.

on: Feb 11, 2021, 01:26 pm »
The continuous unproven accusation. The post that broke the camels back leading to the said review.

Actual Review on RMS: Mar 13, 2021.  Didnt bother to post your illogical answer. despite clearly stated being "banned" around Nov30.

You didn't pull any rabbits out of the hat. I was banned on around end Nov30 and my comments as per above timeline substantiates it. There is no magic, masquerading or trick going on to call me out for.

Your comment:
Quote"This player was banned today for attempting to multi-client."
Is completely unwarranted for the least or obnoxiously dishonest at most. Instead of admitting for mis-identification, you're still strolling behind in the back of your imaginary land of misjudgement. Now that he cat is out of the bag. Stop being disillusioned and start being truthful.


imo ragnarok travels is currently best low rate server there is right now. the staff enforcing the rules for once is one of the reasons why

most servers are dominated by cheaters. upset banned players is generally a good sign