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Started by xDark, Jul 24, 2009, 08:09 PM

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Ragnarok Revolution Review! xD

I have been playing this server for 8 months (almost 9) and I love it. I have tried other servers but I find they are either overpowered with donation items that are godly, a few I have tried have no challenge at all to them, so they got boring extremely quickly.
This server has many custom items, balanced classes, very balanced donation items.

I rated the server a 10/10 for Stability and Availability. The server is up 24/7. The server will ONLY go down with a warning from the Head GM Kisuka, but this only happened one time (moved to a new server host).

I rated the community a 10/10 for Friendliness and a 9/10 for Eventfulness. I rated Friendliness a 10 because RRO is full of nice people who don't mind helping new players. The only time you will get the rude side of people is if you beg(for items or zenny) or if you annoy them somehow. I rated Eventfulness a 9 because if you are hanging out with the right people you can do your own thing. Hunt mvp's, get a bunch of dead branches and have your own little event for your friends xD, or even just do some quests, any many more things, just be creative.

Game Masters
I rated the game masters an 8/10 for Friendliness, Availability, and Helpfulness. I rated Friendliness an 8 because there a 5+ gm's and they are very nice to players, YES people will disagree and say the head GM is a jerk. He does have some moments where he is angry, but he has reasons to be angry. The gm's numbers GM01-GM05 are all very nice and GM David and GM Fox Fable. I rated Availability an 8 because there is usually a GM on (or a few xD) at most times of the day. I rated Helpfulness an 8 because if you have a problem, just ask a GM and they help you right away. If there is no GM on for some reason, they just message the forums or contact us page.

Adding on to the GM review section is the GM's are fair. It does not matter who you are, if you break the rules you will be punished.

I rated the game-play a 9/10 for Economy, 8/10 for Guild Competition and a 9/10 for Class Balance. I rated the Economy a 9/10 because the good items will cost you a lot and the weaker items will cost you a lot less(only makes sense lol). Zenny is easy to make if you know where to hunt, or if you hunt things for people to make easy money. Its not too easy though, 1mill seems like a lot to new players then your first 10mill will make you feel like a god among men xD. I rated the guild competition a 8/10 because it changes everytime. A new guild will come out of the shadows and start doing very well, causing guilds to make alliances to team up to beat the best. Some guilds have better players then others, but in time with more guilds and more players they can be beat. I rated the class balance a 9/10 because the classes are very well balanced.

Overall this is a great server, with great people. The only thing that is holding it down from being even better is the player base. I recommend this server to anyone that wants to have fun and meet cool people. The rates are 20x/20x/20x Max level is 200/120. For creators max homunc level is 120. If you like low rate servers try this server out for sure and make it your new home for RO!!. If you like high rate servers you might not like this, but give it a try! might convert yourself to a low rate server player  :D.

Great customs, Great people, Great server. COME PLAY!!