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Started by Sophia, Nov 29, 2021, 02:50 AM

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Server Name: Ragnarok Inception
Server website: https://ro-inception.com/
Rates: 15/15/10 (variable drop rates)
Style: Classic with rolling updates (Currently episode 8.3)
Customs: Palettes, town warper, 10 memo slots, cosmetic headgears.

The server opened on 2021/11/13, and I started playing about a week afterwards around 11/20. It's got a decent population (around 240ish online during busy hours without merchants), and whether you can get a party started with randoms or not seems to be about 50-50. It's a midrate (at least, I consider 15x to be on the low end of midrate or the high end of lowrate), so even though I've only been playing about a week, I'm close to 99 on a couple of characters.

I like the server a lot. It's very snappy, very low lag on the west coast USA and something about the movement code feels really good here. Hit stun is interesting here, when I'm mobbing and I get hit, I don't snap back at all, creating a smoother, more official-like mobbing experience. It's also fun playing a hunter and watching a monster smoothly walk towards you while playing some proper stagger animations; position bugs seem less frequent in general here. This is my first time playing in about a year so I am unsure if this is due to something server-side (it sort of feels like a high tick rate) or if rA code has been updated and this is just normal now.

Anyways, it's run by an admin named Shakto, who knows his stuff when it comes to development and has contributed to the rA repository before. At one point an add-on that facilitated communication between discord and in-game channels started crashing the game server, and he was able to debug it pretty quickly, so I commend him for that.

The monetization model is pretty good. It's all costume/cosmetics in the cash shop, with the exception of a Name Change ticket and a Refined Flywing (Infinite Flywing). The Flywing is 150cp ($1.50 USD) and lasts 7 days. So if you want it constantly for a month, it's about 6 bucks a month. I think that's reasonable for such a QoL item, and everything cash shoppable is tradeable, so I know that right now on the market there's a couple up for like 1.8mil zeny or so.

The WoE scene is budding, there are a few 20ish person guilds, but they all seem low skill. I think if I were to rally the troops and get 6-7 people online for WoE then we could probably win in GvGs. But there is a lot of e-peen battling on the Discord between guilds, so it's kind of amusing to watch them s*** talk each other when none of them seem to be particularly good players. I think it'd be a good server for a serious guild to come in and wreck relatively quickly.

It's a classic server, but like all classic servers, it isn't perfectly replicating episode 8, and the biggest side effect of this is that MVPs are harder in general. This isn't necessarily bad though, as it moves MVP'ing into more solidly an end-game activity, and makes it more of a party-based thing for most of 'em, making it pretty fun. I've run into a few other parties doing mvps now and I haven't had so much fun with FFA competition in bosses in quite awhile.

Overall, I'm really enjoying my time here. It's got a decent population, and I believe in its long term potential, so I'm willing to invest my time here and max out a few chars. I recommend it to anyone who doesn't really want to play another 1-5x low rate atm but is looking for still decently grindy, pick up and play server to have fun on. If the WoE scene matures (and I think it has potential to, but it needs some more talent to come into it), it might turn into a good competitive server, especially with how MVPs are structured. I like the monetization models and the admin team seems competent enough, and insists there won't be any wipes. Plus, the server feels nice and snappy. Overall I don't have much bad to say other than it could use more players, but I mean, it's classic RO in 2021, where couldn't use more players?


Yeah , very nice serve , got big battles in woe , and rebirth classes are coming in 07 january , so i have time for lvling my char to 99. this serve made me remebering the old time  /no1


Not good, played it a few days and it really just feels like this as many servers have no reason to exist, it is basically OriginsRO with worse drop rates (its not x10 truly) and less people, it does nothing unique or something that you may want to try. I just don't get why making a x15 server and then expect people want to farm as it is almost x1 rates, people go to this rates to have a more chill experience while leveling and farming, if you expect me to hardcore farm I will do it on another server.