Started by Mathoos, Oct 29, 2016, 08:43 PM

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 Five Stars :D
Well, I got some time without play RO and tired of others games I decided to go back to playing a real decent game.
I was looking for a mid-high rate server, because my time does not allow me well playing a low rate, I looked on the site and I found the GoRagna! from a review.
In just half an hour game already enjoyed the server, friendly players, and Coincidence rolled up event, I knew one of the GMs and the structure of the server, including presented by GM itself (Snowball). For those looking for a well structured server without donate OP and good gameplay that's a very good option.
I plan to keep playing because for me so if you do not enjoy the server for at least one hour of play, forget it, it's not your type. This did not happen with the GoRagna!, I have good expectations and and anything I do again the review hahaha


Can you cover more of your experience on various aspect of the server?  This is a review topic after all.