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Author Topic: Ragnafied Yggdrasil High Rate and up to date 17.1 + +  (Read 1400 times)

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Offline highmorbid

GM here is very important in carrying out his role to make this server very worth playing, he always updates the server and fix bugs reported by the players on this server. Really worth mentioning as a High server, leveling is very easy but not boring, because you don't just chase for max levels. Every week the Peak player has started to rise, it can only open 2 clients at a time. The market and economy form perfectly for high rate server, many place to farm quickly and easily. 70% of the players here are friendly and very helpful. The community in Discord is very active, don't worry that this server will not ignore you, there are always people who will help you provide correct information. Also they are working on episode 17.2 very carefully, so that players are more comfortable on this server.

If you looking for renewal and want to learn about it, the Ragnafied Yggdrasil is perfect choise, come visit https://playragnafied.net/
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