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Author Topic: Ragnafied Yggdrasil (High Rate)  (Read 836 times)

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Ragnafied Yggdrasil (High Rate)
« on: Jun 24, 2020, 03:09 am »
Good Day RMS,

I hope everyone reading this is safe and healthy during this period.

A review for a high rate server, Ragnafied Yggdrasil. been playing for close to a month

If you are new to renewal or trying to learn about renewal without having to grind your donkey to actually play and enjoy the game. - This is the server for you
For veteran who wants to PVP or kill noobs. Your only time to shine is in WoE (currently as of this post 3 Guilds active in WoE), PVP room is available 24/7 but there are only usual around 8ppl+/-, more before and after WoE.

Server is 17.1 /w mixed databased kRO -> jRO
Stability: 8/10 (tiny lag spikes, manageable)
Proxy: 5 (2Sea, 1 BR, 1 US & 1EU)
Language: English, Malay and tagalog

I believe this server can be counted as a more mature community? Minimal trash talk(doesnt mean 0 there are still trash talking) people here are friendly even after WoE many GGWP are being thrown around. Main and support channel are helpful. Discord is active and questions thrown will be answered.

Class balance: 9/10
Bugs: 9/10 (report and it will be fix)
Macro/AHK: NO ( caught and you'll be banned *PS:RIP KEYBOARD IF BUTTON SPAM)
Botting: NOPE (gotta work your donkey)
Events: hourly, (hopefully they will add more to the rotation: Dice rolling, Bombing and find the poring atm)

Some other additonal info:
Special in-game currency : Ragnafiel Trading Card (RTC) can be used to exchange to Cash point. - Global drops
Overseas Care Package and Shadow Cubes are also global drops
Economy wise pretty stable - most gears are at +12 safety limit. i think there are safety refine npc to up to +15. not flooded with mvp cards YET.
WoE and PVP: 3 guilds in WoE, INTENSE AF. which makes working for your good gear makes it all the more worth while. Decently skilled. ppl know what they're doing. not some megaclusterfck
GM: not corrupted. no nonsense when comes to maintaining peace and order. but very approachable if need have questions or w/e
Population: 100ish 150-200 when WoE
Card Trader NPC: pretty rewarding for those farming.
private MVP rooms for Branches
[email protected] commands and warper to leveling maps and instants available.
Quest: need to complete some quests so expect to give it some commitment (Illusion, Temple of demon god etc..)
Decent compensation when server is down or under maintenance.

Pretty decent server would be great to see more ppl joining in PVP and WoE/KoE.


Thank you for reading. You may reply any way you wish. this is just my opinion.