Started by Mr Cat In House, Jul 08, 2016, 04:46 AM

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Mr Cat In House

This game, I have seen very special server, which many systems, gm is also very friendly, and I played a lot of servers, most of the server games are played is the same, but in ragartonline, i do not feel in playing ragnarok online, I feel very warm, as if you never drink coffee, you drink it, wanted to have him every day, it's a new server, the player is not a lot, but if you tired of ragnarok online, you can be come here, they have a lot of activities, including a hour of you online, you can win flight ticket Thailand is really! now a day play the game to go abroad to play, I hope we can give it a try this game, the server from Malaysia, I'm from Brazil,from 2008 began playing ragnarok online, so many years, the server made me feel very different,have a try

Mr Cat In House

I just found out, every single week this server is updated, now they release a new system, called the ways of spectral, you certainly heard it