Project Sunshine is truely QoL

Started by Raïner, Apr 07, 2024, 01:13 AM

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There you go, they added the DDoS protection on Saturday along with exp event and there was an instant burst in population
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Quote from: Orange on Apr 08, 2024, 11:47 PMAlso too much zeny avaialble on RMT websites(500m 9 sellers I found) for a lowrate with massive downtime a bit over a week after opening, only server I've seen with more was ML and that had known RMT admins on it.

This reminds of that one question I brought up, whether a staff would attempt to RMT just to make more money on the side for the "server". 500m is quite a lot, so, either there's an exploit, or the staff is just selling zenny on the side :D


Quote from: Shuchou on Apr 09, 2024, 12:32 AMDamn, that sucks. Yet Reborn was calling people m-r-ns, stupid, gay, Aaron's telling people to shut up and such but nothing was done, all it took for me to get banned was:

Ingame people talking over global chat about how the proxies fixed the ddosing - during normal not ddos'ed hours
Me: Proxies don't stop ddosing, all they have to do is split the traffic between the proxies and the server will still crash.
Random: That's sus, you know to much
Me: I know, having common logic is a crime these days.
Was force DC'ed seconds later and kept getting Force DC'ed every few minutes after I tried coming back. Posted a review on RMS and to find out later I was no longer able to connect to the server, likely using the white list thing they talked about that was going to "protect the server from DDosing". White listing is used to allow or stop people from connecting, not stop traffic from flooding the connection, as white list takes effect after data is processed on the server box...

On the discord the day before I was standing up for someone that was being called stupid for asking if the staff could leave the server up over the weekend or at least take a vote to see what the players would want. [Me] Saying there is no need to be calling someone stupid for having a different opinion or viewpoint, then the name caller said some thing like "I know self centered and entitlement when I see it" and I said calling someone else stupid does seem pretty entitled, your actions scream volumes for what kind of a person you are.

So seems the not harmful members are being struck by the GM's while the toxic ones are being left to do as they want. Otherwise the last time I said anything on the discord server was around the 30th of March, which the above was the 5th of April and I can only recall one time even posting about the server crashing since launch was a gif of DJ kali dancing and saying "Its anotha one" which likely was the second or third time the server crashed after launching which was the 29th of March.

With the server having a collective of 1.6 billion zeny between roughly 300-400 unique players and 500 million of it is being RMT'ed.... That is just under a third of the current available zeny mean while the highest ranking zeny holder has 20 million and drops quickly to 9 million.

Are you surprised a server with Reborn, Aaron & co drowned in RMT less than a week online?

Everyone knows what's going on in this server and that this server is the next RMT scheme for this guild (p2w aka Reborn baboons).

Not a week in and billions of zeny already? Sounds like some kind zeny or item exploit or dupe. Not suspicious at all a server willingly hosting this guild already having a stablished RMT scene on popular RO RMT hubs.

Can't feel sorry for players playing this server knowing it's flopping very soon just like every server this guild touches.

Good riddance.


Not a week in and the server has already a stablished RMT scene in popular RO RMT websites?

Not a week in and the server and the server is close to 2 billion zeny total?

While this all sounds very suspicious, it's not that suspicious considering it's a server hosting Reborn, Aaron and other known RMTers. There's probably a big exploit or duping going on already the server staff is aware but brooshing under the rug.

Can't feel sorry for players choosing to play there despite the presence of that guild and seeing the owners are fine with it. The server is gonna flop real soon just like every other server this guild touches.


Quote from: Raïner on Apr 07, 2024, 01:13 AMI find Project Sunshine to be an incredibly life-changing experience, due to how they had an incredibly successful beta test run and then when officially open, they tried their best to get as much positive reviews from players. When things started to settle down a little bit and players are comfy and committed their time, project sunshine decided to pull out their final trump card, " infinite fly wing " and cash shop items  :D  :D  :D

Project Sunshine is the goat, it helped me to truly realise that the only way to truly enjoy ragnarok is to just make an offline server and enjoy it by yourself. I also find it incredibly funny to see some familiar faces in the server, to waste their time playing and then pull off bad reviews as well  :D  :D  :D

Im glad that i stopped wasting time playing private server  8)  8) 

I like official server that sells white and blue potion, AD sets, infinite fly wing and res token in cash shop. The only card I need is a credit card.
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Quote from: Aurus on Feb 13, 2024, 07:44 PMp.s. you are such a bad and toxic player I hope to never see you or your guild again


Quote from: Xellie on Apr 10, 2024, 07:17 PMI like official server that sells white and blue potion, AD sets, infinite fly wing and res token in cash shop. The only card I need is a credit card.

You mean like most private servers? :D


Posts with pure speculation and attempt to hijack the topic to a single case had been removed. 

We know the server is being ddosed.  We know the server bans people for various reasons.  We know the server had an infinite fly wing option for $x a month then took it back after the community disliked it.  Okay, we get that.

We are not interested to see screenshots of cherry picked conversation that often are shaped to satisfy a spin of a side story favoring one's speculation and imagination.  Text added on top, below and on the side of a conversation screenshot to "explain" the conversation could do more harm than reading the full conversation itself.

For anything that goes on the server's discord, I'll leave it to whoever involved, his friends and the server to solve the mystery.


Quote from: Whispered on Apr 08, 2024, 07:06 AMYeah i get it that infinite fw is a red flag for you, perfectly fine opinion, but don't have to be so butthurt about it. You can search back in discord messages and see that they announced they are going to have infinite FW waaaay before the opening, pulling this was never out of blue by any means.
All the more reason you should be worried about it. No; you should have been worried about it about as long ago as when they first announced it. One of the first pieces of info available on their own website is:
QuoteNo Pay2Win, ever!
On Project Sunshine, we are committed to maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players, and we want to assure you that we will never introduce pay-to-win elements. Your enjoyment and fair competition within the game are of utmost importance to us.
Their own words.
There are two possibilities here: they never intended to honor their words in the first place, and any further announcement about anything whatsoever holds as much weight as wind; or they didn't think infinite FW in cash shop, in a low rate server, amounts to P2W. Either way, it's enough of a precedence to know what may be coming next, and  I, too, would have quit on the spot, had I bothered to play this server. But the average RO player blinds himself to the writings on the wall and, come next slop server, he will migrate and face the same predicaments over and over again, hoping that this time it'll be different.


Quote from: Shuchou on Apr 09, 2024, 12:32 AMReborn was calling people m-r-ns, stupid, gay, Aaron's telling people to shut up and such but nothing was done

All you need to know to never bother with that server is that name.

At this point I believe those new servers where that name is always somehow involved are planned to open, get a new influx of new players willing to P2W and RMT, they bank on the fools and then they close the server and wait to open a new one or at least they go and talk to the owners of the new servers, they cut a deal with them that allows them to RMT without punishment, probably a % of their earnings.

It just amazes me people haven't put the pieces together, current private server scene is worse than the official servers or at best is the same, long are gone the days of actual good p.servers that offered good alternatives that were meant to preserve RO and not exactly to make money.


It's completely unfounded and pure slander that this server has some kind of backdoor RMTing GMs. You post no proof of your claims and just continue to slander without proving anything. The GMs just banned a whole guild for RMT last week.

@Yc I encourage you to stop allowing such slander on your website. People who make claims of GM corruption should be required to post proof or else you're just allowing these people to bully server owners.


insane how popular the server is with first time dev's that make mistake after mistake.

Party EXP bonus bugged since beta and releases still broken giving an obscene amount more exp than expected.

They advertise 5x quest exp but quests are providing 50x (Lost child providing 4.5mil instead of 450k)

I'm excited to see what other server-settings people find out were setup wrong as the server's life continues.


Quote from: RanganarokPlayer7 on May 06, 2024, 03:48 PMThey advertise 5x quest exp but quests are providing 50x (Lost child providing 4.5mil instead of 450k)

I don't play on this server, but just wanted to point out that Lost Child is 900k in pre-re, so 5x is indeed 4.5m.