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Author Topic: Project Freya - New and Unique Server  (Read 2071 times)

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Offline rainbowfairy

Project Freya - New and Unique Server
« on: Dec 29, 2020, 06:51 am »
TL;DR I like this new server called Project Freya. It has a Kafra class, bow-type Super Novice, double dagger Hunter, and more.

I started to play this new server called Project Freya. A friend of mine showed me a video with a Kafra class in it LOL. I never imagined any server would create a new class out of Kafra. So I tried the server. Now I'm staying here. /lv

My favorite part of the game is the way it makes me feel like I'm a newbie over again. There's a new Kafra class, complete with jobchange quest and skills, although the GMs are still balancing the class to let it have its own unique place in RO. Also tested a Super Novice with a bow, which is cool because I can dish out good damage. But others' favorite is the double dagger Hunter. The GMs said they will introduce more original classes in the future.

Another feature they have is the Expansion Equipment. They're like a new set of gears that have slotted and unslotted versions. They also put the useless cards in the expansion slots to make them useful.   /ok

Some stats are renewal, while some are not. The GMs are also working very hard to balance the classes and their damage.

They also made sense of day and night. Some monsters are stronger during the day, while some are buffed during the night. Also, some monsters appear during the night in some areas.

Lastly, they added camps and inns to become new savepoints, since Kafra is now a class. So they made camps near fields. There's also two types of transportation there: Gryphon and Kalesa. Gryphon took the place of Kafra transport, while Kalesa is the transportation you use to travel between camps and inns.

The server is small, but it's full of people who love to grind including me! We are kinda exploring the game more since there are so many new things here. I also heard that the GMs will make their own custom episodes, which is exciting!

I've been an RO player since the classic days. I also played renewal. But for some reason, I have this feeling of excitement with the server, as if RO is offering me something really really new despite being a renewal player for years.

Try this out guys, and let's kill those MVPs for the slotted expansion equip!


Offline Axis~

Re: Project Freya - New and Unique Server
« Reply #1 on: Jan 01, 2021, 02:45 am »
I'm surprised someone spent time writing this review about our server. Thank you for this wonderful review! We will make sure to add more content  /ok