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Author Topic: Project Alfheim is p2w  (Read 9752 times)

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Offline Kushiro

Re: Project Alfheim is p2w
« Reply #30 on: Jan 13, 2023, 06:55 pm »
I am all for logic and reason, I dedicated my whole adult life to studying it, and I literally both teach it and apply it for a living.

I dislike the fact that you emptily throw the words "logic and reason" around just to think you are smarter than everyone when in reality your post was 20% valid points, 80% fallacies and cognitive biases, and 100% you being an obnoxious a******. Like I said, you are a perfect example of a Dunning-Kruger bias and as long as you don't learn how to better communicate with other human beings you will keep getting shunned by every community regardless of how smart you think you are (you are not). Anyone can take an "Introduction to Logic" class and start yelling the name of various fallacies onto people's faces, that doesn't make you a Logician or a Philosopher. People that actually know how to apply logic in their argumentation are usually able to pinpoint the biases in their own rethoric as well, not just in others', but you need something called intelectual honesty for that.

It is very clear that your opinions and the way you communicate them were not welcome neither in Alfheim nor here in this forum. Alfheim is a private server and they are welcome to do whatever the hell they want with it, you can't do anything about it. So why don't you "apply logic and reason" and move on now? I'm sure there's plenty of other servers that could use your brilliant "gigachad philosopher" input.

So show me the fallacies I have incurred instead of insulting me Mr i teach "logic" instead of insulting me and incurring in adhominem attacks like the typical clown.

I'm pretty sure you will run like a coward from a straight debate with me because all you can do is attack me because you have 0 arguments whatsoever and yeah I am much better than you at this, and it is shown just by the fact that you have 0 arguments whatsoever that aren't adhominem or apeal to emotion crap.


Offline Mammouth

Re: Project Alfheim is p2w
« Reply #31 on: Jan 14, 2023, 12:46 am »
What saddens me the most is to know that the emulators (Rathena and Hercules) do not receive any donation from the RO community, and this same community is in adoration for gms who do very little mod. The difference in work is not even comparable, we compare a beach with a grain of sand, and yet it is the grain of sand that collects the donations :(

Offline rubie123

Re: Project Alfheim is p2w
« Reply #32 on: Jan 14, 2023, 07:12 am »
A private server has to have a way to make an income, cuz It isn't easy or cheap to run a server. This isn't even a P2W server. Almost every server out there uses costumes as donations.
You just need to stop whining and find a server that doesn't have donations (good luck with that), or make your own server.

Offline ForgotMyOldAccount

Re: Project Alfheim is p2w
« Reply #33 on: Jan 14, 2023, 09:28 am »
This seems like a fair review. A lot of RO servers claim not to be p2w and then fall into this trap of selling high-value, tradeable cosmetics. Tradeable being the keyword. I remember using similar tactics to make money in popular whale games like TERA so to see people claiming its NOT p2w because its a RO private server is a little funny.

They do have to make some revenue ultimately, but yes the way they choose to go about it is p2w. Is it a big revelation? Not really, other private servers do so enmasse.

Offline leleonad

Re: Project Alfheim is p2w
« Reply #34 on: Jan 15, 2023, 06:04 am »
As someone who have been on multiple PS since years ago with all the drama, corrupt GM, p2w, p2w behind closed door, and just recently trying to get back to RO and found Project Alfheim (not even sure yet if I like it), all I can say is OP sounds butthurt. You can have your own argument, that's your right, but you don't have to pick a fight with the whole server for it. That's bad for the community overall, not just for this PS, having people like you...

Moreover, paying real money for getting benefits (zeny in your argument) which can be obtained by everyone simply by playing is not P2W lol..

Offline tamukmol

Re: Project Alfheim is p2w
« Reply #35 on: Jan 15, 2023, 06:18 pm »
technically he is correct, in terms of cash shop items can be directly sold for zeny to other players. but in the spectrum of "p2w" this should not be the hill youre willing to die on. there are servers that are far, far more pay to win than this. and it begs the question why you would "review" this server as an example of p2w when theres a lot more better example. yep, sounds like you are butthurt.

cosmetics only cash shop = pay to win -said no one ever /heh

Offline Malaphar

Re: Project Alfheim is p2w
« Reply #36 on: Jan 15, 2023, 09:53 pm »
FFS there are servers that allow RMT so this is by far not a "pay to win" thing but more so a way to skip farming to some extents ... BUT you do still need a buyer for those items

Offline Deer

Re: Project Alfheim is p2w
« Reply #37 on: Feb 19, 2023, 02:22 pm »
I didn't read all of the posts, just main post, but I registered here because I want to talk about two images posted by OP and give my opinion about the server.

The first pic I want to talk about (discord message by "Deer") is mine. I didn't sell any of those costumes, despite trying, so even if I had them, I got no zeny for them. ALSO, I didn't pay real money to get them, so it's not an argument to say the server is p2w, because no real money payment was made, and even if it did, no zeny or advantages that can be considered "win" existed.

The second pic (message by "Sing"), is also me, but before I changed my profile on Alf's discord. I was just asking how to search for costumes with the command to find who sells things. Two considerations about that on: a) I couldn't find the costume because I was looking with the wrong name; b) the @ws fail happens even if you look for the correct things, because there's a cooldown time between searches. That message had no relation to paying or winning whatsoever.

Now my opinion about the server, since I have both donated AND bought donation things with zeny: I don't see how aesthetic items, even if you obtain them by paying real money, contribute to winning, other than relatively mild zeny amount you can get. From what I see recently, items worth around 5-6 USD in Cash Shop may vary from 1m to 3m zeny. I farmed one full day in Skel Workers and got almost 17m by selling cards, just to compare. So I don't see how one could simply go and pay to win, because PLAYING clearly leads to a lot more win than PAYING.

About the changes, I honestly don't see any that makes the game worse than it is in classic. What's buffed needed buffs and what's nerfed needed nerfs (especially prices of dropped gear that lead to huge inflation, and were very well adjsted). And I'm all for changing TKM btw (something that is planned iirc). The custom dungeons add things the game desperately needed: good places to level up as some classes that were usually leeched, or better endgame experience. Even at rates 3x with occasional event boosts to 6x, it feels way better to level up than rates 5x that occasionally float up to 8x (yes, I'm comparing with ORO). About random options in gear, it DOES add more RNG, obviously. However, it also makes a lot of things that would be very expensive quite accessible, because the value is shifted towards gear with better rolls, so if you want to be casual, you can still enjoy good gear, but with less optimal options. I don't see how that makes things worse, unless you're extremely picky with wanting the best of the best gear... for which case you can't get it by paying.

Offline sagui00

Re: Project Alfheim is p2w
« Reply #38 on: Feb 23, 2023, 10:07 am »
This is some massive s*** i`ve read there. Dude`s butthurt and trying desperately to badmouth the server.   

I`ve donated to them just because its a truly F2P server that must be supported. Honestly, the cash shop was of 0 interest to me, I wish there was more options at the cash shop tbh. 

Ended up with a bunch of costume bs that will sit forever at my storage.