Started by KevinCoche, Aug 08, 2012, 11:33 AM

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It is what it is, Pokemon + Ragnarok = MINDBLOWN.

Initially, I thought that this server was going to be a joke, I mean an actual bad representation of what it should be in my head. I thought it would be just a regular Ragnarok server with just pokemon stuffed into it and then call it a day.

NOPEEEE, this server is something else, something I thought I would never see in a game like this. It is truly authentic and if you go in their with high expectations, you can damn well believe that it meets them. These were my highlights of the server, and there were tons of them.

1. Starter Pokemon - Starts you off with the authentic starters like Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, Pikachu (Like in Red/Blue/Yellow)

2. 100+ Pokemon database. As far as I know they have a 100+ Pokemon in their repertoire.

3. Gym Leader battles - Authentic NPCs that look like the original 8 Gym Leaders - Nice battle system too

4. Badges - Thats right, badges for beating each gym leader

5. Team Rocket - Side quests - Pretty funny, they try to get in your way like in the show and games

6. PokeFlute - Quests where you have to use the flute in order to complete it, authentic sounds and effect, really well done

7. Giant Snorlax blocking an entrance, this was funny but yeah very cool

8. Legendary Pokemon - Lots of legendary pokemon, scattered everywhere and you have to find them and try to capture them (It is pretty hard!)

9. Pokedex - This thing is like a book for the server, has all its information, quests, events, etc

10. Dyna changing headgears - changing your items to look like anything you want, they have over 500 customs

11. Pokemon Stadium - You can battle other peoples Pokemon and win prizes

12. No OP headgears/items - Everything is iRO headgears with iRO stats, except they are all Dyna and can look like whatever you want

13. Balanced Donation System - Really balanced in my opinion, I've seen servers that are donation dominated, but this is really good.

14. Blissey Support Pokemon - You can hire Blissery to buff/heal you when fighting monsters, pretty cool.

15. Safari Zone - Individual safari zone where you can catch over 50 Pokemon with Pokeballs.

16. Really good Story line - 8 Gym leaders, then onwards to Victory Road, Encounter Legendary Pokemon, I believe they are working on Elite 4 for next update!

17. Koe/Woe/Battlegrounds/Woe 2.0 - They got it all

18. ALOOTID - I always love when a server has this command, they have a 5 slot system where you can alootid up to 5 items.

19. Active GMs - Gm's on everyday, really helpful 10/10

20. Actual active forums with forum events, profile songs, activities you can do while you are not playing.

I probably didn't even eclipse most of their content that they had to offer, those were just my highlights I could think of on the top of my head. This server is amazing, it is mindblowing, I am puzzled at some of the stuff that is possible in it.

10/10 - If you haven't tried the server yet, I suggest you do, there is not a single private ragnarok server that is like this one right now.


Hey Kevin, thanks for the review! We'll try our best to make an mmorpg like pokemon server!