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Author Topic: Pinoy Ragnarok Online review  (Read 2216 times)

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Pinoy Ragnarok Online review
« on: Jun 16, 2020, 07:10 am »
Hey RMS community,  /ho

I'm new to this forum but I just wanted to share my experience with this server and how I ended up transferring here.  /no1

So pretty much Ragnarok started booming again due to the coronavirus and I needed something to do during down time. So my friend messaged me to try out his friend's server and if you wanted to know my opinion about that server, you can message me privately since I don't want to talk bad about another server on this post. Long story short, my 1st server during this quarantine period went offline and pretty much wasted my time.  /pif

So now me and my friend started looking for another server here on RMS, preferably new and low rate and had 3rd jobs. We stumbled upon 2 that caught our eye, the 1st one I forgot because the links to its site was broken but the 2nd one was Pinoy Ragnarok Online. So we ended up downloading it and giving it a try.  /hmm

Right off the bat, I love that they have the Doram class so I could use it as my character when I'm AFK(to look cute lol). As we started tho, they gave us free custom costumes that has the Pinoy RO name and such on it. Apparently, the admin CREATES HIS OWN COSTUMES. I was amazed by this since most RO servers just download files and release it as it is. So going back, we entered Prontera and immediately someone came and greeted us. It felt nice not to be ignored by the stronger players and even gave us starter equips(nothing super strong, enough to make us level up on our own). They also gave us some tips about the server, the custom stuff and NPCs that were useful. I was super amazed with all the costumes since there's A LOT to choose from. Like I can't even. I want to wear them all lol.  /lv

My most favorite thing about here is they don't force you to donate if you want to become stronger. You can get most gears in quests and be up to par with the older players!! Most of the stuff in the cash shop is pretty much costumes with extra special effects or consumables. Another feature I like is the warper and dungeon access. You know the feeling that Kiel is always dead since everyone can get to it easily? WELL NOT HERE. You have to do normal quest in order to get access to the 2nd floor of Kiel Dungeon. Although, the warper does let you warp to any dungeon BUT only on its 1st floor.  /no1

The world boss event is implemented here and I love how people help each other out. They tell you where the exact location and sometimes wait for others before killing it. And well, since there's not much players yet to have an all out WoE, it isn't implemented yet. But once the server gets enough players(probably like 50+ above), the WoE system will be implemented. But honestly, having the main focus on PvM right now is pretty awesome. I actually feel like I'm playing the official RO again where I get to farm and adventure out with my friends, rather than having it spoon-fed by most servers. This server has so much potential and I hope a lot more players come and see it for themselves.  /lv

Mabuhay, Pinoy RO!  /kis
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