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Started by Aduro, Aug 01, 2008, 06:57 AM

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Penna RO is an amazing server for several reasons that I've seen so far.

First of all, it has changable rates. Let's say you like high rates. Use the Beginner Accessory. Prefer low rates? Use the Maniac Accessory. All the difficulty items you get just by getting past the tutorial.

Secondly, you can exchange anything, and sell anything. You can hold a TON of money, because of the bills that if used, give you a certain amount of zeny. There's also also the ability to get items that if used, give you a certain amount of levels. To get these items, you have to buy it from other players or give up your own levels and a certain item.

By far my favorite detail about this server, though, is how customizable it can be. Let really like the outfit of the high priest, but! You really HATE being a supportive character. You can have both here, with the use of armor that changes your job class. Thing is, you cant get skills just by being a job class. You have to buy them in the mall, and put them into your equipment. You can have up to around 40 skills, if you want. Then theres also "Souls" that can up your stats, attack, range, anything. Those equip the same way as the skills, so you can make a build with a ton of skills or a ton of intelligence if you want.  It's also handy because you don't have to go through a ton of useless skills, just to get that one cool skills.

In short, it's just bloody awesome. The only way it could possibly be any better is if there were more people around.