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OriginsRO - Classic Experience
« on: Feb 27, 2017, 11:57 am »
Hi there,

Today I would like to shed some light on a low rate server called Origins RO. I started to play this server
a few months back while I was looking for a low-rate server with an experience as close to classic Ragnarok Online as possible. Let's begin  /ok

Server features:

- The server is around Ep. 8 with 5/5/5 rates.
- Floating rates happen when a certain amount of zeny is donated to a certain NPC, rates can go up to *8 for experience.
- Available jobs are 2-2, Transcendent jobs are planned sometime in the future, but nothing clear on that yet. If you are a fan of the Pre-trans era like me, you will love this just like I do.
- There is no Cash Shop, whatsoever. While I do not personally mind costume-only cash shop, items like Bubblegum or Battle manuals make you feel like you are missing out on something if you do not pay with your own cash. Origins RO frees you of this feeling and that's big plus for me. /lv
- There is no reset stat/skill. You want to create a pure forger blacksmith ? You ll have to sweat and deserve it to get it.
- There is no card deslotter. Meaning the economy is healthy, because the need for hunting cards will always be there.


- It is a relatively low populated server. Playercount shows usually between 50-100 active players (outside Merchants), and up to 150-200 during WoE.
- The main chat makes it very easy to meet people. Very friendly people overall, no bad experience so far from my end.


The leveling is as you would expect from a low rate server. You might have to solo grind a part of your character. If you are not into solo grind, I would suggest reaching out to one of the established guilds, as it is the easier way to level up. Those offer you help for leveling, organizing parties, and an easier/cheaper access to gear.


Prices are relatively high /wah. Due to a relatively low population, the supply to be able to garantee low prices isnt there. But due to no card remover NPC, cards are still a very secure way of getting fast cash. The WoE Scene being active, woe supplies are also a reliable way to make your way and afford your gear.
Just be smart about it and you ll get the hang of it :-)


The WoE scene is very healthy at the moment, with 2-3 guilds of 15-25 members battling it out every saturday (5 pm GMT). What I particularly like is that the guilds, while fiercely competing with one another, are job inclusive. You have always dreamt of smashing people with your Battlesmith ? all guilds will be more than happy to welcome you, even if your job is not part of the top-tier in WoE.

To give you an idea of what you can expect, here is a Replay of last Saturday WoE:  https://www.twitch.tv/videos/124650461

Longevity and stability:

Another big plus for me. The server has been around for more than 3 years. Since it's not reliant on any form of support or donations to survive, it garantees you
that the effort and time invested in the server isnt going to be written off, your characters will always be there, which is rare nowadays in the RO community.

Overall, i would give the server a good 8/10. It just needs more people to reach the perfect score. If you are still looking for a low-rate classic RO experience, and don't mind the relatively low, but cozy community, origins RO is for you.

Link: https://originsro.org/

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Re: OriginsRO - Classic Experience
« Reply #1 on: Mar 01, 2017, 08:08 pm »
I'm installing it right now. I will try this server :)

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Re: OriginsRO - Classic Experience
« Reply #2 on: Mar 02, 2017, 08:27 am »
Still Playing and loving the server.. There are always DOWNS and UPS in RO servers but the good thing about Origins is that its still there even though it experienced alot of it . So I'll expect that this server will surely be here in many more years to come.

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Re: OriginsRO - Classic Experience
« Reply #3 on: Mar 06, 2017, 03:15 pm »
99% of the time there are more autotraders then players online - i played on this server for a few months, but there was no increase, more likely a decrease in population.

The Server admins refuse to push for important updates like trans classes, even if most of the players quit because of being bored beside WoE if it takes place.

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Re: OriginsRO - Classic Experience
« Reply #4 on: Mar 07, 2017, 08:15 am »
I've played a lot of ragnarok servers and I guarantee this is one classic server you will enjoy. It gives you that good old RO feeling from the old days which is your most awaited nostalgia trip. Population is relatively low but very friendly, most of the time people is willing to sit in prontera just to chat or help you leveling if you are within range.

It's true all servers has their ups and downs but there is something about this server that makes me stick with it. Never left since I joined.

Hope you join, I'd love to see more people to party with  /no1
See you, space cowboy!

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Re: OriginsRO - Classic Experience
« Reply #5 on: Mar 08, 2017, 11:18 am »
99% of the time there are more autotraders then players online - i played on this server for a few months, but there was no increase, more likely a decrease in population.

The Server admins refuse to push for important updates like trans classes, even if most of the players quit because of being bored beside WoE if it takes place.

First and foremost, I think you're mistaken on the population of the server. Most of the players who plays this server were from EU, that's why there's always a timing difference when you're online in the server, assuming you're not in the said continent. Second, there were a lot of autotraders in the main town because there are no limitation as to how many you can autotrade. When I started this server, thats in may 2016 I believe, leveling is quite hard because there were few ppl who sold their equips but now it becomes easier since prices were way lower from the time I started this server (angel wing cost 1.3m - 2m but now it is only 700k - 1m), in which a good sign that server's population is getting high. Lastly, admins refuse to update to trans I believe is because they want a step by step procedure (this is my utmost knowledge atm since I'm not active in the game and forum anymore). In other words, they don't want an immediate update in order to gain players for a short period of time, but they want to gain constant players to play their server.

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Re: OriginsRO - Classic Experience
« Reply #6 on: Mar 08, 2017, 03:46 pm »
OriginsRO isn't a bad server at all. It's quite nice with no downtimes and no stupid lag because of ddos and things similar to that. The server is very stable and amazingly good to play on when you got nothing else, but that's about it. Keep in mind I've played it for years, so I've seen quite a few things.

The playerbase is not stable for several reasons, though. First and foremost is the development teams inability to make hard decisions unless it negatively impacts their own reputation, or in fear that making such a choice will potentially have a decrease in the overall player population, only to not realize that either way doing nothing about it makes oRO lose players as well. The community is split to say it mildly. There is a player who have created a gigantic circle of friends based on their own personal taste which, by the way, would've been fine if they didn't actively push the ones unknown to them or the ones they dislike out of the circle to a point where those players have noone to turn to, thus quitting because there's nothing else to do. Said player also likes to stalk, tease and frequently make fun of individuals who are casually chatting in #main chat. Nobody brings this to the OriginsRO staffs attention because quite frankly it doesn't seem like they care all that much unless it's something blatantly obvious or the report came from someone they dislike thus it can be brushed off at their own free will. That's half of it, but this is a review about how great this server is so I'll keep it to a minimum.

I'm making it out to be a horrible server, it's really not but it's in no way appealing in how things have been turning out, again, community wise. WoE is in no way shape or form competitive outside the circle of friends I mentioned. You're either in this big guild or you're out. Trying to manage your own guild for WoE is more than a hassle due to that said two guilds can and will shove players on their side of the battle instead of letting guilds grow. Trying to point this out sparks quite the denial of such events happening. It takes to be an outsider to see these things.

So if you're a solo player that isn't that darn proclaimed nr.1 Alchemist, you'll love the server. If you manage to get to the Ant Queen's good side in Prontera then you have someone to play with. Otherwise you're just there with nothing to do at all with noone to talk to without said person intervening and saying something that just makes you go "ugh" and leave the server. The server does have active players but they might as well be NPCs depending on what you say in-game.

This isn't a post to attack the server or the personale behind it, or scare the new people away, but this is important information(and criticism) to know so the potential future players don't get horribly disappointed when they meet the back of the people because one person made a comment about them.

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Re: OriginsRO - Classic Experience
« Reply #7 on: Mar 08, 2017, 07:42 pm »
Im def going to second ryuka post here,  couldn't have said it better as someone who has tried several times to play on the server over a course of several years.
One thing that i have found disturbing is the progression of updates.
I believe the community,or a part of it at least,has let the gm team know it is time to progress and add updates but  every time this happens the end result is always the same.
Origins will never grow so long as the gm team continues to  cater towards that dominate "core" that has been on that server for years.
I mean seriously,how long does it take to add trans? i understand the server is called "origins" and thus would like to fulfill this view to the maximum,but 3 years of pre trans is just plain idiotic to a new  player or guilds point of view that is  looking to join a server with a gm team that actually listens or at least considers the community's point of view,and not those super influential people with a million forum posts or the longest tenure.

I still feel like origins can be the #1 low rate server,but the gm team i feel is not doing justice on their part and average server population is really more like 30-60 maximum compared to what it says in game (100+).
I would not recommend this server if you are a lone player looking to make some new friends and perhaps  woe.It is always a 2 way street the woe scene and the last time i saw a 3rd guild,well it was embarrassing part of the servers history to say the least on how/why they went out.Which reminds of their mvp card situation.Iv asked numerous amount of people if they would like to join me on originsro and woe there in the future-a lot have rejected based solely on the number of  mvp cards floating around the server.

Originsro has its positives,but there is just too much drawbacks as well

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Re: OriginsRO - Classic Experience
« Reply #8 on: Mar 09, 2017, 03:05 am »
While I agree with the above points about a lack of updates (Really, it takes three weeks to max out a character and get it decent gear on this episode, it shouldn't take over three years to implement more things to do) I can't help but to disagree with the community aspect. From what I've seen all groups are fairly friendly, at least until you join a WoE guild, but it makes sense that a rival WoE guild won't put as much effort into helping you if they know they will most likely be fighting you in a few days. I've partied with both bigger WoE sides and while both sides try to do their recruitment shtick to make you choose a side if you're interested in WoE that's where the rivalry ends, apart from some very mild trash talk in the global channels post WoE.

If anything I think OriginsRO's community is too sensitive, there are way too many players crying over what would be considered ordinary comments in global chats. The RO community is old, filled with adults, and you're gonna have a rough life if you can't handle some competitive banter inside a game.

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Re: OriginsRO - Classic Experience
« Reply #9 on: Mar 09, 2017, 09:10 pm »
Well Slaw, for a big part I can understand the post of Ryaka. Are you willing to explain how you could max out a char in 3 week on Origins and get decent gears at the same time.
I know it is possible but you have to explain how because a casual player joining out of curiosity will meet his doom for sure because it isn't so easy as you presume it is.
So make my day, how do you max a char to 99/50 in 3 weeks on Origins? I know the answer already and it is where Ryaka is talking about, the control of a certain group. It's present and very obvious how it works. You have to go back in history and find out about the unbalanced char choice during this episode to understand it. It's a reason why I would avoid this episode, it's unbalanced crap.
For some groups and chars it was their last moment of control so it's cool that there are such servers around. But Origins isn't brought to stay there. I am curious what tensions it will cause and if they will stick to the original when episode 10.2 will come. I will not return sooner.
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Re: OriginsRO - Classic Experience
« Reply #10 on: Mar 10, 2017, 01:36 am »
I don't have to explain anything to you.

Even IF getting a geared 99 character in 3 weeks wasn't doable (it is) and it took up to 2-3 months to do it (it doesn't) that still wouldn't change the fact that episode patches come way too slow.

But this certain group nonsense is basically paranoid conspiracy theories from few players at this point. Maybe it's not that weird that you and Ryuka both experienced a certain unwillingness from parties and groups considering your negative attitude on the OriginsRO forums. As for this patch being unbalanced, you are right if you only focus on the PvM aspect of the game. Looking at WoE class balance is much more fair with everything having its place. Of course you wanting to bring your forger alchemist and contribute nothing will lead to you getting less parties than someone who actually brings something to the party. That's where dual clienting and guest access comes into play. Bring something useful as well and people will be much less reserved. But you've heard this a million times on the OriginsRO forums already, and you still parrot the same thing over and over again.

I do agree about the curiosity for later patches. Once we get rebirth and some actual endgame maps things will change by a lot, hopefully for the better.

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Re: OriginsRO - Classic Experience
« Reply #11 on: Mar 10, 2017, 09:09 am »
Very well, I did expect you would refuse to explain.
You don't have to explain me how it works. It is possible even in one week to get 99/50, the problem is you need a group for power-leveling using the Tap bonus to max.
It isn't a conspiracy, it is just how it works. Some groups did level that way and they had to wait for new content that takes too long time to come. Logic they leave but probably it is just for now.
On the other hand all players without such a group can't make use of this Tap bonus and that is where it is all about. A single or two players leeching each other or their own support chars will slow down leveling at half the normal rate and they can barely make use of the Tap bonus. There is nothing to catch up with that, no manuals, no nothing. Even the use of Mercenary which would give 25% Tap bonus (How it was on ClassicRo) isn't possible. So coming around lvl 90 is already a lot of work for those players but then the real grind has to come yet.
Logic that they leave, they won't make it in 3 weeks and probably not even in 3 months and as longer as it takes players slowly begin to realize that they will be completely outplayed by the time they reach 99/50.
Probably WOE would be better at this stage, I don't bother with it too much and I should belong to a majority with that approach.
Lately I was on origins and there weren't efficient party's around. That's the problem with those party's the pop is too low and when a group comes they will only leech their own chars.
I will not complain about this, I am used to it, in general they only will allow a damage-dealer or mobber. I learned not to put efforts in it anymore, it's just a waste of time.
For your reference my alchemist is lvl 94 or 96 on Origins, I can grind this out but why should I do it now? I better wait for 10.2 when Homunculus comes and I don't have to leech it and can get 25% Tap bonus from Homunculus,  though I still have to see if they will not compromise it. Anyway they must come out of the closet by then and then we will see more clear what direction it will go.
Origins is a very good server but for now it is designed and setup for specific groups only.

You call it negative but that only tells something about yourself and not me.
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Re: OriginsRO - Classic Experience
« Reply #12 on: Mar 10, 2017, 11:59 am »
Slaw just proved what I just said. There's super denial about these things happening. I experienced it first hand from the very circle itself and I never noticed that such a thing was real until I got tossed out of it. The Ant Queen is very good with their moves to make it seem like nothing is happening when infact, it is happening. But what they do isn't breaking the rules so there is nothing to be done about it. I can be loud as possible about this but it gets me nowhere so all I can do is give a warning for future players.

I was talking about the toxicity in said circle. They are nice to you if they like you. If not then you are out. Period. No ifs and buts. Unless they need you then it's like walking in a barren desert. You'll see it in time.

What I said wasn't about trans update. It never was anything close to that topic. I have my own opinions about the so called Taekwon update they did but that's irrelevant to this debate.

PS: If your every argument is that I'm too negative and uptight for being vocal and dismissing everything I say as heresy, lies and scandalous propeganda then my statement still stands. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  OriginsRO could do better but as long as the attitude of "I don't give a s*** unless it's a reputation of someone I like is at a critical state" is there then Origins will have a slow growth and eventually die out. Ant Queen is already ahead of all of you on that.
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Re: OriginsRO - Classic Experience
« Reply #13 on: Mar 10, 2017, 08:27 pm »
Origins will have a slow growth and eventually die out. Ant Queen is already ahead of all of you on that.

Lol.. dunno with what your saying but ive heard that alot of times "die out". First time i played in Origins. I think it was in January 2014 or was it december 2013.. i also said that to myself, this server is great but would eventually die out. Coz everytime i login theres just like 2-3players on and god youll be very happy if you spot a vend. Guess what. It didn't die out like what i had thought it would. Its now 2017.

And for the ant queen you talking about. If you dont want to get into their circle. Then create one which you like. Its really not mandatory to choose a side if you play. Or maybe im just an introvert Lol

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Re: OriginsRO - Classic Experience
« Reply #14 on: Mar 10, 2017, 11:07 pm »
Well you know its less likely a "conspiracy theory" (lol) when 3 people have expressed similar experiences
You cant deny there is a feature or two being exploited to exponentially increase leveling speed on the server,which i totally understand and back styx on because is it really falling back to the servers real roots of experiencing the "origins" of what ro was,or more like deluding one self and others into thinking they are.Oh mind you,im sure the gm is aware of this too,astonishing they did nothing about it.
(and also taxing a person because of their preference of play,i.e solo leveling, was not part of ro at all.choosing to be a lone wolf instead  of joining a party is part of what ro is/was meant to be,but apparently its possible on this server to be taxed and end up losing a percentage of exp if you want duel client with a priest or whatever.go figure)