Started by Ahn, Mar 05, 2011, 06:02 PM

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yea im not really an avid poster here but i feel this server needs a review.
been playing osRO for 3 weeks now, heres my review.

i've only seen the server down once, and that was for a 5min maintanance. there are lag spikes here and there but nothing too unbearable. all npcs seem to work just fine, the server seems very stable. WoE does tend to increase the amount of lag spikes however, i found that adjusting the osRO client priority in my task manager fixed this for the most part. 9/10

the community here is half good half bad, alot of the older members are very kind and helpful, they dont really judge you for being a newcomer but rather they offer advice and wish you luck on your journey. now for the BAD people, theres alot of scammers out there. SEVERAL bots, you wouldnt believe it, every map with something valuable on it has at least 3 bots at all times. and prt_maze is a joke. i count around 20 bots daily there. trying to recruit guild members for WoE is also horrible. if you cant offer a high salary they wont even talk to you, and this is about 80% of guild seekers from what i've seen. that said, those people also seek guilds for a reason, no one wants their greedy asses which to me is just fine. overall 6/10

guild competition
since the castle drops are used to make all the best custom items(aside from donation items) WoE is very competitive. the baby castle drops are currently broken however. guild rivalries are somewhat common as are alliances. there are guilds for nearly every supported language which give players from anywhere a chance to find a home. there are some donkey guilds though but thats for any server with active WoEs in my opinion. 9/10

the economy is laughable, i blame the gold room and the massive amounts of bots for this. there ARE set prices for nearly everything, but the prices themselves are retarded and dont even think about trying to find a good deal on anything. i cant really think of any other way to describe it sorry. 3/10

well the non donation pvp room seems to have a bit of balance, the pking areas like @go 13 and 15 are very unbalanced. sinx card here grants use of edp so dont be supprised if you see an edp asura champ wrecking everyone. and the donation items, altho rather expensive, are incredibly over powered. WoE is near impossible because all the top guilds are packed with fully geared donors or people with full donation sets. 100% perfect dodge works. no chance of getting 100 solid defence, but with donations you can come damn close. gtb is cheap as hell (75%magic reduction if im not mistaken) so magic classes cant do a thing.
overall 1/10

there are a good few custom items but alot of them require castle drops(at least for the ones worth getting other than wings). in other words strong guilds can easily make all the customs while solo players cannot. HOWEVER, you earn points by breaking emp during WoE so you can make a breaker and buy the castle drops with emp breaker points. im kinda half and half on this since it does increase players during woe yet again. all the other lousy decorative customs can be earned by voting and are easily obtainable. overall 8/10 because the admins do seem to be trying to balance the customs

gm rating
i've yet to see a gm and it takes them 1-5 days to give you your donation items after you donate. im just not even going to go any further, they need to step it up and do their damn jobs.
1/10, i give the 1 because they DO fix bugs..

population avg 700-1000 / 1000-1500 during woe

this to me is a server with alot of potential. the problem is even with a full staff they dont seem to be doing much at all.