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OldSchool Ragnarok Online (OSRO)


The last time I played RO was 2017 and played mostly SHR servers pure PVP/WOE/BG oriented server. /ho

OSRO is pretty new, and like all other start-up servers the GM's Activity towards players are very important, and that is one reason you should play here, the GM's are active, I have sent an @request and they would reply no more than 5 minutes :D It is pretty great to have active GMs in the community.

The costumes are nice too and more are said to come. Also donations can also be farmed thru Quest NPC so if you are the F2P guy/gal OSRO got your back  /heh
PVP wise of course "thou who farm last shall come last", farm farm farm!!! The server has a Gold Room too so its pretty easy!
Battlegrounds is coming soon...

Join us now and let us Grind to Glory  /no1

-IGN: Every TWICE member you know, it's me   /lv


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