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OathRO - A fresh 1x server with cool rebalancing and qol features. [Episodic]

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Owner here. For sake of full disclosure, ping times listed aren't your end-to-end latency, but ping to the proxy server. That said, in some instances, the proxy servers can provide improved performance if your packets are being routed across inefficient or high traffic wires. We may add additional proxies to Tokyo and Sydney soon, so that you can more efficiently choose the route to get to our primary host site in Washington State (USA).

Still, we must obey the universal laws of physics and data cannot travel faster than the speed of light.  /heh

The balancing changes are well-thought-out, and it's fantastic that another server makes the classic setting feel new again. I just hope they redesign their website because I thought I was on TalonRO's.

Lovely server!
Feeling nostalgic with old payon.
Very friendly community, it's rare to find nowadays.

Looking forward for next updates  /lv

Sucks to see this server being plagued with fake reviews about the player count and adjustments. Fishy how they hate on all other 1x servers but one server that's the most toxic and full of itself, makes you wonder if they are just alts logged in through a VPN. Good luck with the server!

RIP when you don't realize you hit reply instead of edit to you own comment


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