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Hello everyone, I usually keep my opinions on things to myself, but this one I have to get out of my chest. Forgive any grammatical mistakes, english is not my main language.

I have played Nova for a couple of years, took a big break and now decided to get back into it... only to leave sad and frustrated.
Before anything else, I have no ties to this or any other servers and wasn't banned or anything.

So like I said, I played Nova for a few years and made some of my best friends there that I still have today and made a lot of good wonderful memories. Eventually we all ended up taking breaks and moving on with life, coming back from time to time. I got that itch again and without second thoughts came back to the server I considered the best.
... only to feel like I walked in a room that is on fire and the extinguisers were available for a mastercard payment. Oooor you could walk to the next state on foot and get one for free. (You all got that analogy, I hope...)

The server itself is full of quality indeed and on that aspect is probably the best one out there. No crashes, hardly ever any bugs, very stable and professionally kept. It has a good introduction mini quest to the game and their website, wiki and market page are really well made and helpful.
And that is the end of the qualitites.

When you look beyond the pretty fa├žade, you can see the rotten core that it has developed underneath the "number one" title it got along the years. And I believe the server's administration keep things the way they are based on the belief that they will never be replaced (they really need to get off that high horse of theirs...)

The bad things that I gathered on the past month I have been trying to get back into the game:

-Absurd P2W: this is the part where Nova's defenders grab their pitchforks and attack whoever dares to say it. The truth is you can't do much without paying... People argue that you can easy farm and buy everything, but the only ones that actually manage to do that are either really old players that already have end game things and can solo and sell their profits or farm braindead 24/7 on geffenia. You wanna level up and go do some fun instances? Tough luck, you either find good, bored people that will carry you while you do a bunch of nothing or you can (guess what?!) pay them to carry you!! Which is what happens most of the time. You can level up until max level on gramps and farm specific maps, and that's it. That is all you can do being new/F2P.
If you want mid/end game gears you need to pay up and get carried.
One of the most absurd justifications I heard from players about this was "you get carried in those stuff, get your gear and in turn -later- you carry other people as well. Or you can buy Nova Points and sell them to players and buy your gear". Does that sounds fun to you? Because to me that is a really big pile of crap. And the meaning of P2W.
Sure, if you are going to specifics, their cash shop doesn't have exclusive gear or extremely op items, but that is because what you do is buy gatcha eggs (with the smallest chance in the world to actually get something worth it) or straight up buy the cash coupons and sell them to players.

-Rarity of items that should not be that rare: most of the gears nowadays require high refining to be usable, and while that is not enterely new on Ragnarok, what is more recent is that pesky little thing called Blacksmith's Blessing (BSB). That could be a blessing and a way to get all players up to date to the newer stuff in the game. But guess what, they are locked behind the cash shop or the weeklies. Weeklies are something that you cannot do with the gear you very likely have at the moment, and again, you either find good people to carry you while do nothing or straight up pay them to carry you. Either way that makes those BSB stay on the hands of the elite (or whales). The same goes for the ores required to refine the good gears.
Sure, one could argue that back in the day, these things like BSB didn't exist and refines were still made, but the point is: they exist now. You can still ride a horse to get to places like people did 200 years ago, but we have cars nowadays, so who on their right mind would pick a horse over a car living in the current society? That's the same thing, back then a Guard[1] was the hottest thing you could get. Now we have items with absurd enchants and combos and stats that requires a gear to be +12 to not be total crap.

-Costumes: Let's be real here a second, costumes have been keeping the game alive for a looong time. When a costume costs up to 900kk just because the cash shop egg it can drop from has a super low chance, it makes it ridiculous. It's not the same as having a super rare item because you managed to kill that sweet MVP and got lucky. This time, it means you swept you credit card and spent a LOT of money to eventually get it. And then maybe sell it for zenys. AKA P2W.

-High population: While Nova still has the highest population that any other private server, don't believe it 100%. Those 2000 ~ 2500 people online that you can see on their website also includes autotraders and they make up more than half of those numbers. And honestly I kept seeing a lot of the same chars on the exact same spot for days (so most likely people dont even turn off their games and just afk 90% of the time, contributing to those numbers).
One detail here: you can find parties for gramps most of the time (some late nights are harder, but that is understandable). And there are ALWAYS parties selling their services for weeklies or instances.
So while the numbers aren't that big on actual players, it's still higher than most servers, I guess.

-Farming and zeny making: this is a very delicate subject to discuss ingame. The elites have figured it out ways to make tons and tons of money and they absolutely refuse to share it. And they get very angry when someone mentions it, like it's a big secret or something. Instead of helping each other, what you hear is: "go far geffenia or mag_dun". You know what happens because of that? Some items on the market are worth up to billions and the people making 10kk on an entire hour farming geffenia will likely never get their hands on, feeding on that cycle of having to get carried and the richer getting richer... and inflation sky rockets.

-Updates and the future: now this is something that personally pissed me off. Some people may be okay with it, but I am not. Sure, Nova has a high quality on their releases, and while it's not bad to deliver something complete and stable instead of rushing making it buggy, you cannot complain when your player base starts asking about it. I have seen Nova rage about this on the game chat and tell people to stop asking him/her when x, y, z are gonna get released because he/she has other things to do. And some of their systems are not getting updated anytime soon, because they can profit a lot from it (I am looking at you, refining system). And that makes me believe that for them: money > principles.

I do understand that the server can't run on itself and these things generate costs, but there are ways of making that money without completely exploiting your players. Ragnarok private servers are made for people that played it on that beautiful golden age and now are left with the nostalgia and bad decisions of the official developers and administrators. We play it because it's asomething that we all love, and when you run a private server for a game this old, you do it out of love, not greed. I think that initially that may have been Nova's intention, but not anymore. Unless you spend money on their servers, you won't have fun (unless you consider that nonstop hardcore grinding fun).

-Final considerations: I know that are people out there that defend this server with a passion, and if you asked me about it 4 years ago, I would have agreed 100%, but now the train went off the rail, and profit and the idea of being unbeatable went up to their heads. Why care when your name shows up on top everytime? They build their reputation, now it doesn't matter anymore.

*If it's so bad, why do people still stay on this server? The answer is simple: most Ragnarok players are playing it for a looong time, and made roots on this server, be it with friends or good memories or even money invested and are afraid to try something else because "Nova is the best one for renewal, right?!?!". And I don't say this to promote other servers, because at the moment I don't even have another server. I am saying it because it is wrong and it got to a point where old players are selective blinds, seeing only what they want to see.

Ragnarok should be about having fun with friends and a high risk/high reward type of game with a side of grinding. It's 2022, nobody likes to grind nonstop to have the bare minimum. And I know there are high rates servers where things just fall into your lap, and I know that Nova is NOT meant to be one of these servers, but there is clear limit between a harder server worth playing and a straight up money grab. When it starts feeling like a chore/job, it's the moment it stops being a game that is supposed to be a hobby, and turns into a obsession that you feed like a drug.

All this loooong text was made because I actually love the game and specially this server, where I hoped that I could get back to and have that same feeling I had a few years ago. I have 3 chars full geared on end game (even that bs shadow gear that you only get on monster hunting) that I made the last time I played, so know that this isn't coming from someone that just started and felt frustrated towards other players having things that I don't.

Even that old early 2000's Ragnarok that I remember (that was really punishing on those x1 rates) didn't take almost a year of daily grinding and at least 100kk on each piece of gear to be able to do certain contents. People can say that the points I am complaining about are 'end game' that shouldn't be touched in months after you start, but cmon! Leveling up takes less than a week, then you are stuck farming forever and ever on the same maps for months before you can do anything else. I am not saying it should take you 3 days to gear up, but making things less P2W would certainly help on that matter.

TL;DR : NovaRO was the best server, now it's a P2W nightmare and the people in too deep won't admit it. Please wake up GMs, I would love nothing more than to be speak proudly about Nova again. If not, it was good while it lasted, at least for me... but I won't waste myself into this current brainwashed mastercard version.

It sad to witness the downfall of such a giant. Personally, I really love how NovaRO polish their contents i have tried to comeback here and then but all I can do is do gramps .... There is no much to do unless you actually  have group of friends / players that are willing to do all the instance to get gears. Heck they don't even have the revamped MVPs system, MVP just got one shot left and right. Also that system allows players to get them all cash shop item.

Time to abandon the ship and jump to ShiningMoon. Their updates are not as polished but come out pretty fast ( with bug and will be fixed after 2 - 3 after patch date ). However unless you trying to get those kiel cards the game is absolute bearable with minimal p2w aspect ( cash point can be turned into special currency and sell to other player, its like 1.2m  zeny for 1$ though and the server is playing on 40x drop rate soooo ). That being said, zeny is no worthless as all since there is heavy zeny sink feature in smRO. On top of that, every single item in cash shop is available through gameplay and NO they are no time gated by weekly quest. You can even get your hand on MVPs card even if u just start the game. In fact if u know what you are doing and put in some good effort (40 - 60 hours top per month), its a guarantee MVP card each month (non tradable of course). Despite of having lower population but players here don't sell carry service. Lower level instances are run daily and hosted publicly so that everyone can join and earn their share of instance coins and goodies. On top of that, the new Eden gear is completely free and quite strong to begin with. Combine with the power of 4th classes. its really easy for new comers to clear contents. They don't sell gacha egg in the cash shopop. the only gacha stuffs are world boss boxes ( which can be obtained by participating in world boss, 1 damage will do the trick ) and kachua keys ( which is given via completing enough instances run both daily and weekly, also at a 3% chance when completing instances) and world drop (random drop when killing monsters). They have built in and working anti BOT which rewards non BOT player everytimes it triggers so no worry about botting there.

lol i played on this one server that had 2 copies of all the maps and would randomly generate spawns and gear enchants

3rd job but i played for 2-3 weeks since day 1 and i NEVER FOUND ANYTHING that i could use and i was wearing carded gear the entire time , managed to solo the field mobs but they would never drop anything i could use but made enough cash shop currency to buy anything i wanted but, it was all worthless


one day the world notifications were going off the chain for drops and curious me went and joined their party, these rangers were 1 shotting mvp spawns and totally just through the market out of loop ... almost made a ranger to join them

wouldnt be surprised if someone else had that experiance lol


--- Quote from: vohoangquan1996 on Feb 27, 2022, 10:46 pm ---It sad to witness the downfall of such a giant. Personally, I really love how NovaRO polish their contents i have tried to comeback here and then but all I can do is do gramps .... There is no much to do unless you actually  have group of friends / players that are willing to do all the instance to get gears. Heck they don't even have the revamped MVPs system, MVP just got one shot left and right. Also that system allows players to get them all cash shop

--- End quote ---

Yep my feelings exactly. I am glad to see I am not the only one that notices that.
I hear that Shinning Moon is a bit buggy, but I personally don't know much about it since rumors aren't always true and it's refreshing to hear about those features! I quite like the idea of getting boxes with possible goodies by ACTUALLY PLAYING the game when you kill the world boss.
Might be worth to check it :)


--- Quote from: Naruto on Feb 27, 2022, 11:38 pm ---lol i played on this one server that had 2 copies of all the maps and would randomly generate spawns and gear enchants

--- End quote ---

Are you talking about Nova? I am not sure I ever came across 2 copies of the same map there.


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