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Started by Mishaela, Jan 03, 2019, 06:54 PM

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Figured I'd chime in on this server, since I feel it hasn't quite gotten the attention it's deserved.

/ok The Community:
It's small, but growing steadily for such a new server - As of now it's only about 4 months old.  There are usually 30~70 players on, depending on time of day. (Many players from France/England with a few coming in from NA/Mexico.) People are surprisingly helpful, which I have to say caught me off guard. Many are willing to help clear tougher group quests or accept weaker characters in tougher dungeons such as Thor and Morroc Fields. There is a global chat with little toxicity (it's usually dealt with very quickly when it happens).

/ho Custom Content:
3rd classes are added into a pre-renewal environment, adding a little extra reward to hitting 99/70 on characters. Skills have been rebalanced so that they're an improvement, but not world-destroying like they are normally. Renewal maps and Doram are a WIP and all are very open to feedback and criticism. Land Conqueror on Saturdays is a pvp-esque feature that allows guilds to contest (or ally!) other guilds for a temporary but potent boost in experience or item drops.

There is a custom hat npc with a variety of wear that can be made from commonly farmed materials (and some rare materials, for the notably useful hats). There is an npc to save a variety of builds that make it easy to switch character rolls between skill resets, too! There are events almost daily that come with coins that can be used for temporary droprate/exp boosters, or bloody branches for a random mvp fight!

/hmm The Economy:
A weak point of sorts, most of the shops are put up in a "fire and forget" fashion. Items that are priced well will sell within a day, and the rest tends to stay there for weeks on end.

/ok The Staff:
A few are busy managing their own work but the head GM and event staff are constantly interacting with players, desiring feedback on custom content and events. They seem to take critiques very well, so I've never had to be nervous about giving my opinion on things. (And I'm a very nervous person, lol~)

/?? As for real complaints?:
Warp Portal usage is a bit limited, but they've been open to feedback on this. Usage of buff slaves is common, but I haven't played many servers so this might be everywhere.

/lv There is perhaps a bit of a stigma behind rewarding voting for the server. Despite that, I do feel it's an enjoyable experience for a low-rate server and I hope this doesn't put anyone off from giving it a real try. I'd absolutely recommend the server, as the rates feel low enough to make the effort feel rewarding but high enough to make it feel like it's not a chore.