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NocturnalRo review
« on: Apr 20, 2012, 10:38 am »
Hello there everyone. I found this server at RMS lists while it was almost at the beginning. I Play at this server since 29 March 2012. I will try to review this server at it best.

Availability and Stability:

Actually very well stability but the problem is, when they update new things there will be some bugs like at the damage became so high but after that withing 24 hours the damage is normal again. As of now the page has always been online and the forums are always open. Every community suggestion so far has been replied by the admins, which denotes an active and eager to help staff base.

Community and Economy:

The community is pretty nice when you get to know people. They're fun to hang out with, mvping, woeing, pvping, pretty fun. There are some "Pinoys" who always troll about skills and professional game play, flame also but not all Pinoys. Almost all questions about the server or game mechanics got answered pretty quickly on forums or at fb groups. The Economy is very fine, because there are no to high valew to buy something at the npc or at venders.

Game Masters and Donations:

The GMs have been friendly, open to suggestions and they are online almost every time. You can contact them via FB groups, In-Game or even via Forums server. Most of the fixes and updates have been by suggestions and bug reporting of the players. GM's events is kinda childish and funny like answer a question, found me, guess the monster and so others. I would prefer GvG's, PvP's events. Everything else with game masters is fine, respect 4 you guys. What about donations, I know there are some headgears which you can afford only via donation which is sad. Other items is fine.

I liked this server from the start, and still waiting for development. Thank you Aoi for such a server, just make it more competitive and more fun. That all from me, thanks for all GMs for making the server became more interesting. Try it to feel it. /no1