Started by IDc, Jan 16, 2014, 12:55 PM

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Personal Overview

Let me start of my saying this server opened Jan. 15, 2014 being on day 2 this server had over 50 people at launch that's a + in my book. I have played ro

for about 10 years been to countless servers that do not listen to or go against the community at NanashiRO the gm listens and respond's fairly

quick. The community it has right now is very friendly people are working together making parties its not every man for himself kinda game.

Being as the server is brand new there is no economy or guild competition yet there are a few guilds going to join that i heard of so when woe gets

implemented it will be great! The server is lag free no spikes or downtime GM is online most of the time if not online on the forums and is very polite and

friendly. This server does NOT have god items, NO overpowered custom items and NO overpowered donation items there are occasional events. Within

hours of launch the gm cleared some minor bugs found by players. There is only 1 GM at the moment and (s)he is working very hard and keeping up with

player demands on features and suggestions. The only problem i see this ro has is not enough players, but I will come back and add more to this post in

about a week of playing for a more accurate review.

Rates and Features

This is a pre-renweal 99/70 trans only server

Base Exp: 15x
Job Exp: 15x
Drop Rate: 5x
Quest Exp: 10x
Equip Drop: 5x   
Card Drop: 5x   
MVP Equip Drop: 5x   
Max Base Lvl: 99   
Max Job Lvl: 70   
Max Stats: 99   
Max ASPD: 190

There is a dungeon warper to most level 1 areas for a small fee for low level areas to a mild price for high level areas to keep the 1 kill heal to a minimum.
(supports team play)
There is a healer that heals for a varying amount based on how much hp u are missing not by your level which works great.
The server is based in NA main language is English there is no main chat or @go or @storage to keep it feeling pre-renewal and good ol' low rate feel
There is a job changer and platinum skill npc
best of all client side security to protect against botters and packers!

The Rest ill leave to you guys to find out, I recommend NanashiRO to anyone that's been seeking for a phenomenal balanced low rate.