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Started by -Bleed-, Oct 29, 2008, 09:19 AM

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Hi guys! Heh-heh ... It's -Bleed- again ...

So now, I've been in this server since it started [9-05-08], and I didn't really see the
server improving, which is true in some reviews that this server has low economy, but
I do believe this server has a great future someday.

This is because there is class balance [true] any jobs are like *WOOP*. You can't
actually say SinX or LKs are overpowered because you can see Profs / Snipers / Stalkers beat this
so-called "overpowered jobs in most servers" [especially on SHRs] , GMs are like 95% fair unlike other servers [true]. They don't cheat or make an unfair event, but of course, some may if their temper
is uncontrollable because of the cooperation of the players. [err, what am I saying?!] Some
players are friendly enough to welcome new comers. [true] There is also a bad thing,
WoE is not interesting at all except if there are WoE events because of low economy.

There are few reasons why this server is in the state of "Endangered", which I mean
will close because some servers with low population will somehow, close. [But I don't know yet!]

Like - no donation, I still think it's fair enough, but the owner should really be a rich person.
      - The players don't care / don't help about the votes and writing of reviews to help gain more players,
which is why there is no improvement of the population, and etc ...

Also, as I have noticed, most of you guys are really complaining on the GMs, but I tell you,
the GMs are really helping its players and mostly are fair because their legits is as strong as
the normal players with the right equipments.

Uhh ... can't think anymore ... I'll edit this if there is still something left in my brain.

PS: This is the first time that I have written something like this.


"Most jobs are like WOOP"?


Quote from: Hutchy on Oct 29, 2008, 09:47 AM
"Most jobs are like WOOP"?

Heh ... It simply means that, that every class is strong.  ;)
Not just LKs and SinXs own this server, but different classes, too.


oh sounds like a good server... btw is the link working?? i went to the link then it says 404 error that stuff... issit my comp or the link is broken?