Epic Ragnarok Online 3rd Job Mid Rate Pre-Renewal

Started by MikuDaisuki, Jan 01, 2022, 07:18 PM

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I would like to tell some of my honest reviews and experiences on this simple server but yet has a long term goal.

I'll tell some of it per category, from GMs to the Server and other things on it.

1.) Admin and GM Team
- The server's gm team has a friendly attitude and on what I see is that they really take care and value the community they have. And it is a good thing that they are not biased and I see that they are really professional and doing their jobs properly. They sometimes have fun with the players and you are free to share your thing like what you do in life or your hobbies in life. They are open to the suggestions of the players but of course it is their final call and decisions on what to implement, approve and reject. They also maintain a non toxic community which is really good for the growth of the server. And they are also the GM Team of the Long Term High Rate Server - Nostalgia Ragnarok Online which is I think around 1 year and 5 months+ already. Overall, they are really a good team /no1

2.) Players / Community
- As I've mentioned above, a non toxic community are circling around this server's community which is a good thing. They will help you and do their best to answer your questions on their free time. The community are simple but unfortunately this server needs to be populated more because the peak ranges only from 20 to 50 I think and not all players are really active at the same time, maybe because the server has an international playerbase which means that the players has different timezones which really affect the total peak of the server. But I still do find it great because the admins are not having a hard time to manage it and they really value this simple small community. They also has a motto here, Quality over quantity which makes sense too. But I am still hoping that this server will have more players so that the community will grow and be more established.

3.) Contents
- The server settings is on Episode 13.2 Pre-Renewal but they offers a renewal contents like 3rd Jobs and some Renewal monsters. Also, this server offers many customizations in items, gears, monsters, maps, instances, storylines and lores which make it great and gives more excitement on it.

4.) Stability
- The stability is also good, the server has a smooth Singapore hosting connection which makes the gameplay not lag and delay. But I think other countries like NA and EU has a bit lag and delay on it because they are far on Singapore. But I don't find it a problem because I have a friend that lives on London and he still says that it is still fun to play here. This server has an advanced anti-ddos system in server and their website which gives a more plus for the stability and they also have a Gepard 3.0 Full Protection that makes the server protected against cheaters, botters and hackers.

5.) Balancing
- A balanced system on classes and items can be found here. Even there are 3rd jobs in a pre renewal content and many customs around ,the dev team made their best to balance the server. +1 to this team /no1

6.)  Pay to win or Play to Win?
- For me it is play to win. The server promotes questing and grinding systems which can is a good thing to hear. The donation items are achievable even not donating, you just need to be active and try always to participate on their events which is consistent every week and month because the admins are generous on giveaways and bonuses and even you don't win on the even they still give consolation prizes like Pods which you can save in order to buy some donation items. Here on this server, donation is just an option and not a requirement to do it order for you to get strong because you can grind for it which is a really good thing for us who really likes to farm and grind. They also don't have an exclusive items for donators which is the real definition of pay to win, the things that the donators can have, you can also get it by just working hard. The only differences is that donating makes your life easier and you can get strong and be boosted easily but grinding requires more time and hardwork but this makes more worth it :D . Nothing against the donators, I am just saying that this server is fun and not pay to win. I still find donators has their own ways to reach their potentials and also for them it is also worth it  /no1. And also they can also support the server's finances too :D. Overall, the server is a PLAY TO WIN /lv

I really find this server great, it is not perfect and it still has flaws on it. But for me, you will find this kind of servers very rare. Most of the servers really closes early and they don't care for the community, they just want money then when they reach that they will close it and make a new one with a new name with a same features.

To those who want to go out of their comfort zones because most of the servers have the same features only, they just have different names and a little bit added things. But all of them just stick on what they know and what they got used to it. If you are a player who wants to explore a new world and a server with a classic RO and modern RO features that was mixed together then this is for you and try this Mid Rate Server. It is really fun and exciting. This server is a work of art and passion, I salute the GMs here who really worked hard making this possible.

Epic Ragnarok Online
Mid Rate 3rd Job Pre-Renewal Server

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