My Review of ScytheRO

Started by Midokindo, Dec 31, 2007, 10:24 PM

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  I wrote a review on RMS minutes ago, but that wasn't really enough to express to my full feelings of it.  I have played ScytheRO for about 7 months now, spending about a month to get the hang of everything, due to my transition from a 5x/5x/3x to a 20,000x/20,000x/500x.  The server has yet to actually have a wipe by what I have seen and the GMs can answer every single question in less than 10 seconds.  The people in Comodo (the main town) will always help you and there's ALWAYS a ScytheRO [Helper] there...The ScytheRO [Game Masters] are one EVERY single day as well holding an event EVERY single day. 

  The class balance is a bit iffy in PvP due to the whole Asura Strike Godliness and such.  However, there's always another class that can counter any other class.  The people in PvP are definitely a bit less nice than the ones in Comodo...due to their bloodthirsty craziness...xD  But if you get to know them, they're a lot nice than everyone thinks they are. And if you join this server...DON'T ALT+F4 out while fighting someone...Because if you do...You'll get plenty of haters and mass murderers hunting your head.  :-X  So the PvP is kind of iffish. 

  The forums are pretty much ALWAYS active and the server has a good 400~550 on at all times.  So I recommend this server to you people. o_o Um...THE END.  ;D