My Review for MoonlightRO

Started by Kyriel012, Apr 09, 2017, 05:13 AM

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This server is a good server. But  The owner of this server is very greedy on money that its players donated and it does not go to the server's stability but to the owner's self satisfaction.
He/She doesn't know how to handle a community. He/She always mute players for just because they annoy him/her for 60-120. Sometimes you'll get muted for no reason and accused you that you insulted him/her even when you're innocent. He/She always shame/namecalling players by shouting. and telling everyone that this player, that player came from another server/s and trying to destroy his/her server, telling us that this player got paid to destroy his/her server. pathetic isn't it? He/She also does not want to listen to what you want to say or to your side, He/She will just mute you or worst. IP Ban. For short. He/She's abusing his/her power as a GM. It's not only me who's complaining. There's like a lot of players who are complaining of his/her behavior. The server's population was always around 800-900. Now it went down to 500-600. " Because "  that GM doesn't really know how to handle the community. Also, this GM will only entertain you " if " you donated. If not, he/she will not entertain you.
There were already a lot of cases that this GM will only entertain players if they donated.

The server's population is slowly going down instead of going up. Why? because players are in need of GM's Help but they're aren't always around. but if a player or some players will talk about donations. The owner of this server will show up right away and talk to them.

This is my last.
A while a go i just got logged in from the game. And I saw a player shouted something, insulting the owner. then I shouted back insulting that player. Then i afk'd a bit and when I came back, my character is on Prontera and got muted for 300mins. I was shocked. I used my other character and pm'ed that GM and I complained why did he/she muted me. He/She replied that I insulted him/her then muted my character for 30,000 mins. like woa. 50 hours. seriously 50 hours? then I used another character of mine to clear the misunderstandings but still He/She won't listen to me and mute me for 30,000 minutes. and that's it. I had enough. I'm quitting this server.  That's all. sorry for ranting here. But  I want to share my experience in this Server to everyone here to know if they want to play this server or not.

So... Do you want a server that is good but the owner of this server is greedy ? If yes, then this is the server for you.
Why I use " He/She " ? Because the Owner of this server and his/her gm  told us they're all girls.  I want to believe it but it's impossible. Possible but not quite possible.

UPDATE: The Owner of this Server threatened me if I won't say " Sorry " in Shout/Megaphone. I will get IP Banned. lol. Which is I don't care anymore. since I'm gonna quit anyway.