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Started by concerned citizen, Sep 13, 2023, 12:24 PM

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concerned citizen

I've been playing in MuhRO since July 2023, so my experience in the server might be different from those who came before me and after. I'll try to be impartial in every way possible with this review.

First impression: Upon first look, I find MuhRO to be somewhat similar to the previous server I played in (the now defunct NovaRO). I thought to myself, "Hmm, I'm gonna love it here!" And indeed, I did. Most of the players are the same people I've played with in Nova, and a lot of the server mechanics are similar as well. Not all of them, but a lot. However, as time passed by, my impression of MuhRO changed drastically. I don't wanna say for the worse, but it definitely became more negative. Will my current opinion of the server change? Only time will tell.

Community: The Ragnarok community in general, for the most part, is a lovely bunch. Not in this server, though. In MuhRO, toxicity is rampant, to the point that daily drama in the #global channel is to be expected. And should no drama erupt, you'd be left bewildered by what went right at the given time you logged in.
Bullies dominate the #global channel with their constant callouts and attention-seeking posts, and the GMs won't do anything about them. The only time GMs will take action is when the bullies themselves get bullied by some people whom they thought they could bully. They'd run crying to the GMs and the GMs would wipe the tears off their faces, in a way that mommy would calm you down when you run a little too fast, trip, fall and scrape your knees.
I get that your life sucks, and I feel for you but don't take your anger out on your fellow players especially if you can't take the heat when they fight back. Not everyone will bend to your bad attitude.
If you ask for help (in any way, shape, or form) in #global or #support, everyone stays quiet as if their mouths had been sewn shut. Some of the players will even get annoyed and will either blatantly tell you to get lost or just troll you because they've got nothing else going.
To summarize the community in MuhRO, players here are like that one tumor that drains the life out of you. They suck.

Staff: The only positive experience I've had dealing with the staff in this server, is with Muh and Icecold themselves. The others? Hell to the f no. One of the GMs even went as far as calling someone an idiot without knowing the full story. I get that she was trying to get the approval of someone who happened to be a toxic player in the previous server I was in, but wouldn't it be better to keep your mouth shut if you don't know the full story? Lol. And for what, for make-believe cookie points? Is your life that shallow that you need approval from jerks online?
As for the event managers? I don't really have any opinion on them, though I do have a friend who finds one of the EMs to be creepy as hell. Apparently, this dude constantly creeps on female players. The only thing I gotta say to that is YIKES!

Misc: Lag, lag, and lag. Lag everywhere! Not sure if this was because the server is located in Europe (where only a minority of the players reside), or the server itself can't handle the sudden spike in population. Either way, lag is a constant problem. I do know one reason why lag is an issue, though; it's because the GMs like to fix stuff outside of the pre-arranged weekly maintenance. I get that they're trying to improve the server, but if it was up to me, I would organize and plan out every single maintenance ahead of time, so I know what I'll be fixing once maintenance time comes around. Instead of surprise butt****ing the players with a horrendous lag each time. It's not freaking fun when you're in the middle of a farm and suddenly, bam, you're lagging like hell.
As for server crashes, all I have to say is that I've experienced more server crashes in MuhRO, in the span of only three months than my entire time spent in my previous server. It's ridiculous. Sometimes the server will be down for hours, and we have to wait until the owners themselves reset it.
Did I mention RNG yet? No, I don't think so. I'd like to keep this part short, but this server has got to have the worst RNG out of all the servers I've been in. Not sure if this was intended or not, but calling it bad is an understatement. Sometimes I feel like the RNG here was designed to force people to donate. Not saying that that's the case, but it sure feels that way sometimes. Some people have spent billions of their hard-earned zeny trying to get the perfect enchant. It's frustrating. I get that guaranteed enchantment is out of the question as it would ruin the gaming experience, but can't we add the function to reroll a single enchant instead of rerolling everything? Is that too much to ask?
The last thing I wanna touch on is implementing major changes without giving the players a heads-up. I understand that some things that needed to be fixed were game-changing, but Jesus H Christ, don't you have the courtesy to warn us ahead of time? I know that you plan on fixing stuff days ahead, so it'd be great if you could tell us about your plan, so nobody will waste their time beating around the bush. Some players have worked on certain builds, or switched to certain builds, only to find out that all their hard work had gone poof the next day. What the actual fresh frozen hell? Nothing is more demoralizing than wasting all your time and effort on something that can and will be discarded. For Pete's sake warn us, dude. It's the best you can do to reduce the damage you're about to inflict on us. Geez.

Final verdict: I'm sure you can tell by now that my opinion on MuhRO isn't the most favorable. So don't ask me if I'd recommend playing in this server, because my answer for now is a big HELL NO. That can change, though, so my advice to you is to find out for yourself. I did just that, and look where it got me.

Rating: 3/10


Uh, that's not exactly a very 'impartial' review, friend.

I played Muh for about a month after Nova died, before getting bored. My take: an incredibly average server. Takes a lot of features from Nova but with waaaay less pay2win. GMs are decent, mods are average, content implementation is average. Like OP says, the RNG is a bit stupid, but this isn't very unusual for an RO private server.

Noticed no real lag in my time there.

The real negative, imo, is just how boring it is. Implementation of newer or custom content is supremely uninspired, and equipment progression is a snoozefest. After a while, I just stopped logging in.

A solid 5/10 server; feels a lot like a placeholder for players to chill in, while waiting for the next decent server. If that ever happens.


I'm assuming this review is strictly in regards to the arch mage changes/fixes. If you actually needed warning, after more than half the server said it was broken, then that was your decision to pursue.

The review in regards to the community is actually half true, but more leaning on the toxic side. They are toxic, and some actually don't care for the server to improve, but rather to keep their seniority somehow. It's not a friendly place, and suggestions are being made so that players who already benefitted, get to keep their benefits, while new players get that fresh and new grinding curve that may take much longer to achieve. The older players were also very negative to any QOL changes. It was just silly adults acting like children.

That aside, the community will help you, if you ask -at the right time-. I've been ignored on many occasions, but I usually got an answer at specific times. From my understanding, it was probably old Nova players, who were usually helpful on Nova, were the ones who actually helped.

I personally don't know how to feel about the staff, but Muh is the only person you should talk to, ever, for anything. Don't ever talk to his wife about anything, especially if it involves you, and another player, in a dispute. Keep a direct line with the boss, and you will always be satisfied.

I still don't know how to feel about this server, because I detest specific things and people within it, and this ungenuine vibe you get from the community which resided there before Nova closed. It's just so fake on the outside.

As for the lag: Yes, this is a GENUINE iro experience. The server goes down for hours, and you get to wait and chat about it for hours. It's kinda fun if you like that sort of thing. :D