MindRO Pre-Renewal 99/70 (150,150,10000)

Started by thraca, Aug 24, 2022, 02:32 AM

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Hello all that are reading.

I started playing in this server about 2~2.5 months ago. I wanted to leave a review in an effort to bring more people to this community that I have enjoyed playing with so far.

MindRO has been a huge change of pace for me because I have played vanilla mid rate servers ever since drifting away from iRO in my younger years. MindRO is mostly the same feel, however the drop rates have been increased to 100% as well as normal monster cards. The big change however is that MVP cards are 2.5%. I've been playing this game for almost twenty years and only ever achieved a maya purple card (0.01%). Being in adulthood now its very interesting to have access to these cards and try so many new builds when I get lucky and have one drop. I understand anybody could go to a random 10000x server or the RMS test server to get almost the same effect however this is an actual populated mid rate with access players didn't really have before to certain builds and card combinations.

The community is very friendly and i've already made a good deal of friends in my time here. There are plenty of people here that want to help out new players by giving generous handouts (the ingame currencies: mythril coin/gold coin) or just telling the ins and outs just as every private server has its quirks (NPC locations etc). There is very healthy MVP competition here (due to reasons above) so you are always able to get a challenge from others who wait by the tombstones of highly desired MVP's.

The GM is very friendly and helpful. There are always individuals in the forums with ideas for improvements and the GM listens with sound judgement whether its a good addition or too customized for the target audience of people to play here. I have seen a steady growth since I first started playing on MindRO, and hope to only see the numbers keep climbing. If you are in your older years as many of us are, and want a mid rate pre-renewal server to have fun but also reasonable access to builds you never got to use before I advise you give it a shot.

Thanks for reading everyone and hope to see some extra new characters in here.

-thraca / Tier One



I played on there, it is kinda fun.

You can instantly get almost all the cards you want, like ever wanted to play with the full Mage Card Set or Thief Card Set?
Here you can.

With everything having 100% drop rate, except for MVP and Mini Boss Cards, you can get almost all the card combinations going that you ever wanted to have.

This also means that things like the Myst Case Card / Mimic Card / Ore Discovery Skill also have a 100% drop rate to them.

And it means that Dokebis will always drop Gold, which is a free 100k.

Need that +9/+10 Saber? Spend 20 minutes farming +50 of them as well as Oridecons, and then upgrade on the custom NPC.

Getting to 99/70 is also doable rather quickly as you start with 10 free Battle Manuals, using one is enough to get you to rebirth and depending on how slow/fast you are you can use another one. (don't save them up, they are cheap to buy anyway)
"Slowest" class so far seems to be the Mage Classes. Firewall + Firebolt at Stings with the manual.
Every other class should have no problem, just whack whack with your carded weapon and endow.

Skill and Stat Reset NPC is available, 100k per reset.

Battle Manuals can also be bought in the tool shop along with many other items such as:
+10 foods, elemental converters, blue pots, etc. stat boosting consumables.

All skills can be obtained by typing @allskills (which is kinda nice for Super Novices)
You can teleport everywhere with @warp field_name00
And you can fly wing with @jump (alt+m to bind @jump to alt+1)

There is a Soul Link NPC as well.

Seems like a fun idea for a server but for me personally it takes away quite some things that make Ragnarok what it is:

- No training grouns.
- You do not need to do the job change quests anymore, just job change at the NPC in prontera. Same for the quest skills.
- Farming anything has no meaning or value to it other than you getting the stuff you want.
- This also means you will never ever use NPC equip and lose the period of time where you save up zeny for that level 3 NPC weapon.
- You will never use @autoloot but rather have all maps be full of dropped items, simply because it's worth nothing anymore.

What's there to do lategame other than just farming MVP's and Mini Bosses?

You can type @joinbg to join a Battlegrounds match, but those are usually dominated by Alchemists just throwing Acid Bombs, as the bottles can also be bought at the tool shop.

As nice of a server as this seems, it just gets you to lategame sooo quickly as well as getting all of your equipment, that there basically is nothing to do anymore.
Getting items means nothing, as everyone can no problem get everything near instant, just get a 99dex/agi Hunter/Sniper and loot what you want.

It's fun to try out classes and stat/skill/card/equip combinations with but that's about it.


Hi everyone,

I have to agree with the second poster. The concept is fun but get old very quickly. It's a shame they are not open to expanding with any customization to help prolong and expand on the character development. The core game was built on a model that made you feel accomplished when you built a character, but when you have increased rates for exp + drops with no plan on how to keep people invested it's a poor model. Just like the above user said, it's great for building chars to test and play with in a populated environment.

The good:
Quick sense of mid / late game char development
Healthy MVP competition
Favored solo play

The bad:
Lack of server direction
Lack of end game content
Lack of social platforms
No real party plays
Lacking econ

Would definitely check it out if you want a quick burst of fun!